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Friday, May 23, 2014

G is for Going through the Kennedy lines

Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of the 35th United States President John F Kennedy is acclaimed to have said that
When going gets tough, tough gets going
As I try to chew the flesh in his lines, I found no mistake in giving this man an overwhelming ovation. There are gazillions of meanings stuffed into the compact disk of this 7 worded catch phrase. It is only when one is seasoned by the nature into different shapes and forms, we come to realize and appreciate the lyrics of the words that are of centuries old (not a century in this case though).
The representational image of me these days    Photo courtesy: Click LINK
At this epoch of time, I have terribly fallen off from the cliff of writing in my blog. As a result, my blog has suffered a big burst of hiccups leading to an incessant consequential dormancy for more than a month now. Both of my hands have been handcuffed and jailed to work for some academic proposals which is due in next month. Sometimes, I question myself if there is any byte of my brain unoccupied to think something different other than the thesis over and over again.
I know I have lost an appetite after going through this tough situation. Never have I realized that the time fleets so mysteriously when we have more work to complete in less time.
As I walk alone in the jungle of reviewing literature for my thesis, I am taking a break to water the lawn of my blog with this scribbling. It has been almost few months that I have remained inside the cocoon of academic proceedings.
However one thing I knew is that, as I stepped into the floor of this tough situation, I found myself already traveled a few yards towards the finish line. But I only wish when this going gets tough, let the tough gets going successfully.  

“No matter how difficult the situation is, always treat everything in a positive way” – Mirline Delima


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