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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fishbone Analysis

lso known as Cause and Effect Diagram or Ishikawa Diagram after its innovation by the Japanese quality expert  Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, fishbone diagram is a tool that can catalogue prospective source of a problem so as to diagnose its principal causes. Brainstorming instruments such as this can not only assist to address the symptoms of a much larger problem but can also be used to the advantage of an individual’s appraisal.
While ‘success’ is subjective and temporary in nature, an unenlightened human instinct that is also genetic to me as well like many other, sometimes troubles me to mull over the lightning speed of accomplishments and downpour of success that befall almost frequently to some even if we are a species alike that habitats in the same ecosystem. A mythical success story of such at times, impacts me to question and awakens the corpse of my self-actualization.  
Success is a painful journey that requires stamina of sacrifices. A complete body of success is networked with invisible organs of obstacles that either limit or miscarriage our goals.   
After nine years into the service, I have managed to sculpt why the excursion of my success is still so lengthy and grueling to achieve. 
Possible factors (causes) affecting the success (Effect)
The following were the principal causes to name the few:
a)        Skill
b)        Environment
c)        Efficiency
d)        Leadership
e)        Performance
              f)   Motivation
In the world dominated with the dogmas of Darwin’s natural law of ‘survival of the fittest’, SKILL is probably one wick that can help us burn the immortal flame of our existence. How indispensable a person is can be largely determined by the uniqueness of an individual’s ability to be more artistic cognitively, creative intellectually and competent in problem solving. Having the same color and taste of skill as others is perhaps vulnerable to the erosion of our dream at any time due to its dullness and similarity. Hence more uniquely skillful a person is better the chances of being successful.
Be it natural, manmade or human, Environment is one larger part which encompass the tiny individual. This means that, directly or indirectly, the elements of natural (land, air, water), man-made (road, electricity, safe drinking water, internet connectivity) and human environment (family, community, religion, politics, economy) can affect the success of an individual. When any of these elements are not favorable and keep fluctuating, so do the priorities of an individual to accommodate such variations and thus, probably delay or deny the access to success.  
If Efficiency is one of the ribs that give shape to an individual’s success, personal qualities (education, mental power, resourcefulness, innovativeness) and environment factors (working place, working hours, incentives and promotion) are crucial components to sustain it. No matter how honestly our innovation is showcased or how resourcefully one has worked with high sense of integrity and diligence, in an environment that has lesser prospects of incentives and promotion, it’s like trying to fly with a broken wing.
If engine is to the flywheel, Leader is to the institution. Many leaders are ignorant to realize that the heartbeat of the subordinates’ motivation, morale and perseverance lies in the quality of their work. How honestly and dedicatedly they work without being seen by anyone visibly, how faithfully they walk the talk, how neatly they handle subordinates without prejudices, nepotism and favoritism, and how incorrupt they are when in power and control largely determines the geometry of subordinates’ performances. The leaders who are transformational (a leader who works in tandem with subordinates to identify change), charismatic (possessing a great charm of influence and personality) and transactional (rewarding the high performers and reprimanding the low performers) can be the harbinger of change for the subordinates’ road to success.
A level playfield that allows an individual a ticket of equity to work and expectation, committed and timely assistance when in a dire need, and fair and just evaluation significantly boosts the Performance of an individual. When performance is better, the road to the success is swift and smooth.
Eventually, Motivation in any form – intrinsic or extrinsic is critical to the realization of an individual’s success. As a social animal, Maslow’s Hierarchal needs namely social needs (friendship, community, acceptance), safety needs (security), and esteem needs (responsibility, recognition) are necessary for the self-realization (independence) of an individual. An independent individual is undoubtedly a good synonym of being successful.
“Think of at least four factors which influence your problem. See if a shift in one of these ‘causes’ can give you a different ‘effect’ to explore” –Kaoru Ishikawa


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