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Name: Dumcho Wangdi
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1984
Profession: Teacher (2008 - )
Specialization (Majors): Physics and HPE
Mother Tongue: Tshangla
Village: Jorphoong
Gewog: Chongshing
District: Pema Gatshel
Country: Bhutan
Continent: Asia

1991-1997: Dungmin Primary School, (PP-VI)
1998-2001: Nangkor High School, (VII-X)
2002-2003: Nangkor Higher Secondary School, (XI -XII )
2005-2007: Samtse College of Education, Samtse, (Bachelors Degree in Education)
2013-2015: Mahidol University, Thailand, (MSc. in Science and Technology Education)

2008: Chaskhar Community Primary School, Mongar, Bhutan
2009: Chaskhar Lower Secondary School, Mongar, Bhutan
2012: Kabesa Middle Secondary School, Punakha, Bhutan
2015: Bajothang Higher Secondary School, Wangdue, Bhutan

2002: 3rd Position for National Level High School category Essay competition on       
          Conservation of Cultural and Historical Monuments and Sites organized by FUKAI 
          Prefecture Group, Japan for Bhutan. 
2007: F.L Goropze Prize for Academic Proficiency in B.Ed Secondary Science, 
           Samtse College of Education. 
2007: Institute Prize for Valuable contribution, Samtse College of Education. 
2007: Certificate of Merit for the publication of Teachers Manual for Health and 
           Physical Education. 
2015: Best Oral Presentation Award, 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education (ICIE, 2015), Mahidol University, Thailand.

Wangdi,L. et al. (2007).  Teachers Manual for Health and Physics Education for Pre-
                   Primary Teachers (PP-VI). Samtse: Samtse College of Education. 

Wangdi, D., Dema, M., & Nopparatjamjora, S. (2014). A Survey of Bhutanese Grade
                   Ten Students' Understanding of Simple Electric Circuits. Presented at
                   the 9th Annual Conference of the Thai Physics Society: Siam Physics           
                   CongressNakhon  Ratchasima, Thailand.

Wangdi, D., Kanthang, P., & Precharattana, M. (2014, 2-4 December). A Low Cost Hands-
                  on  Model for Demonstration on Law of Mechanical Energy Conservation. 
                 In Proceedings of  the 40th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand
                 Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Wangdi,D., Dorji, K., Dema, M. (2015). Enhancing Middle Secondary Students'
           Understanding of Mass, Volume and Density of Objects using 5E Learning Cycle. 
           Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education 
           (ICIE, 2015), Mahidol University, Thailand (Best Oral Presentation Award)

Wangdi, D., & Tshomo, S. (2016). Investigating Chemical Laboratory Safety based on    
            Students' Ability to Recognize the Common Laboratory Hazard Symbols.  
            Educational Innovation and  Practice. 1(1), 41-52. 

Wangdi, D., & Tshomo, S. (2016). Adolescents' Perception of Parental Communication 
         about Sexuality.  Presented at the National Seminar on Combating 
         Sexual Violence for a Better Society.  4 -5th November, 2016. Samtse College of 
         Education in partnership with UNFPA Bhutan.

Wangdi, D., & Tshomo, S. (2016). Adolescents' Perception of Parental Communication 
         about Sexuality.  RABSEL- the CERD Educational Journal (In Press).


  1. I like the way you have written about yourself in this page :)

    1. Thank you so much. Your comments means a lot for me.

  2. Hi, Have I told you before that I lOVE reading your blogs.
    Your words truly inspire me and so I have nominated you for "Very Inspiring Blog Award", I hope u wil accept it and Pls check the details here

    1. You made my day. Thanks for the nomination. I am not very certain whether I should be eligible for such wonderful award from a prolific writer like you, but I remain humbled. Now I understood that there are great writers like you who likes reading my scribbles. Thanks. I will write a note on it very soon.



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