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Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Different Crowning Achievement

Having attended one of the Friday Lecture Forums conducted in the Prajna auditorium of the Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies (RIGSS) in Phuentsholing in 2016, I was always inspired to get enrolled into the programs that this institute offers to the Bhutanese citizens who have prospective of being nation’s future leaders. 
First day of the course
Today, it has been exactly a month that I have graduated from the RIGSS after the successful completion of the 6th Young Professionals Leadership Program (YPLP) – a four-week leadership program designed for the mid-career professionals across the spectrum of public, corporate and private sectors. Even as a novice mid-level civil servant, having joined the bandwagon of numerous potential leaders after getting selected through the series of rigorous filtration process, the triumph of completing this course was one of the most decorated crowning achievement of my life. 
With Dr. Singh, A Negotiation Expert
YPLP is an avenue offered to the young civil servants based on meritocracy and their potentialities to be prospective future leaders. Besides amassing the participants from various disciplines and dimensions of the nation’s working force, this program engages the participants to be conscious of the pertinent and relatable national issues and challenges faced by our country.  
RIGSS, the premier institute which was envisioned by His Majesty the King is steered by a faculty that comprises the Kingdom’s eminent front-runners of various organizations who assumes distinguished portfolios along with numerous leadership pundits from both regional and international circle. The flavor of their homegrown insights, the vastness of their visions and adhesiveness of their communication potency certainly made me drench with a belief that the RIGSS was indeed the indigenous Harvard of our Kingdom.  
With Dr. Adrian Chain, a leadership Guru
Of the 28 days, three weeks of the course were devoted for having an intellectual osmosis and professional dialogues amongst the participants and the experts within the RIGSS classrooms and its campus popularly known as the Coronation Hostel while a week was dedicated for an outdoor learning expedition and team building camp. For the outdoor camp, we had a terrific trekking in the illustrious Druk Path Trek along with two Singaporean trainers, one of whom was the first Singaporean to have conquered the Mount Everest. The adventurous program spearheaded by them were so fleshy to clement us even in the snow-clothed mountains that suffered the frequent kiss of the icy alp gale.   
Building pyramid near Jimilangtsho
Trekking towards Druk Path Trek
But of the oodles of memories, the audience by His Majesty the King was certainly one thing that will remain cherished in the shrine of my mind. The gravity of the royal attention webbed with ultimate trust and confidence for the 30 young professionals to assist the Monarch in carrying our nation peacefully to the infinite times was another thing that would be unendurable to witness it wither from the screen of our memory. With solemn faith, I prayed that may I be your dedicated, loyal and patriotic citizen till eternity.
His Majesty the King with YPLP-6 participants
The significance of this program further echoed when the Prime Minister of Bhutan gave us the audience in the Gyalyong Tshokhang. The lyrics of his expectations and the ingredients of the message embraced a Royal flavor and aroma of insights.
With the Prime Minister of Bhutan
The closing ceremony was graced by His Excellency the then Chairperson of the National Council, Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga. on behalf of my friends, I took the opportunity to express our gratitude to the RIGSS within a time frame of 5 minutes.   
Receiving the Certificate of Completion from the then Chairperson, National Council
In retrospect, I vividly remember that within the span of just about a month, I had the opportunity to learn about my country, appreciate its smallness and reaffirm my dedication. 
Delivering the closing speech on behalf of my friends
A certificate of completion

On meeting the requirements set by Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc.
Below is the speech that I delivered on behalf my friends during the closing ceremony: 
Just as April 14th is an accomplishment day for the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens to discover Titan, the largest moon in the Saturn in 1655, or
Just as April 14th is a wish-fulfilling day for the India to have Ambedkar Jayanti, the first law minister and the father of Indian constitution in 1891, or
Just as April 14th is an unforgettable day for the British to remember the collision of RMS Titanic with an iceberg during its maiden voyage in 1912; and
Just as April 14th is an auspicious day for the Aries, the first astrological sign in the zodiac to be adorned with generosity, optimism and positive attitude,
So is it a day of accomplishments, wish-fulfillment, memorable and promising for the cohort of the 6th Young Professionals Leadership Program. 
Honorable Thrizin, Chairman, Royal Civil Service Commission, CEO, DHI, other distinguished dignitaries, Director and the faculty of the RIGSS, ladies and gentleman.  
One behalf of YPLP-6, may I take this privilege to share some the reflections regarding the program.
As the world gradually turns to a graveyard of globalization in its influence, digitalization in its economic muscle and compartmentalization in its territory, the otherwise small and beautiful Bhutan, cannot afford to avoid this seismic wave of disturbance. Under such systematically volatile world, popularly referred as VUCA system, the survival of our sovereignty is highly reliant on how we buffer and navigate the compass of this inevitable influence.  
But, thanks to our visionary monarchs, under whose benevolent reigns have secured this landlocked Kingdom safely until this date. And today, the birth of this premier institute and a think-tank – the RIGSS, a brainchild of His Majesty’s farsightedness is yet another milestone that can contribute to consolidate the status of our sovereignty, by reinventing a strategic vision that is resilient, dynamic and malleable in nature.
In the flight of an insightful journey for almost a month along with the crews composed of Kingdom’s prolific leadership frontrunners, and managerial pundits from abroad, we have successfully crossed the last terminal of YPLP with the luggage of profound wisdoms.
Through this journey, we were able to telescope the overarching vision of our Kings and his leadership aspirations. We are now fully aware of the environmental health of our national security affected due to the tsunamic waves of geopolitics besides understanding the anatomy of our history and culture and physiology of our Foreign policies and Bhutanese economy.
So, RIGSS to us indeed a synonym to a ‘Library of Wisdom’. And if there be any middle name for this institute, it will certainly be “The Gateway of Transformation”.  
Today, as we graduate from this institute, we vow to remain as a special RIGSS Alumni, and ambassadors of His Majesty’s hopes and aspirations, and therefore be prepared to share the knowledge and national concerns in the place that we work and be an important arm of institute’s advancement activities.
Thus, appreciating RIGSS as the powerhouse of generating prudent knowledge and transcendental wisdom, it is only apt that we offer a statue of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, as a token of our sincere appreciation. (Invited the Director the RIGSS to kindly receive the momento from our two captains).
Like the double flaming sword of Jetsuen Jampelyang that annihilate ignorance, the fundamental cause of cyclic existence and sufferings, may RIGSS live on to illuminate the heart of many Bhutanese leaders in the days to come. 
Lastly but not the least, let me borrow the words of William Shakespeare from his play the Twelfth Night, I quote
“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, thanks, and ever thanks”.
What we need is not a Leader to lead the Masses – we need Leadership of the Self – His Majesty the King during the Royal Address to the University of Calcutta, 5th October, 2010



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