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Monday, May 28, 2018

Sexuality Education at Home

wo years ago, I conducted a study entitled, “Adolescents’ Perception of Parental Communication about Sexuality” which I have presented during the National Seminar on Combating Sexual Violence for a Better Society at Samtse College of Education and later got published in the RABSEL – the CERD Educational Journal after undergoing a rigorous blind peer-review.
The study was conducted to
i) Explore the adolescents’ perceptions of parental communication about sexuality;  
ii) Examine if gender of the parents influenced the gender of adolescents in terms of having sexuality communication and
iiii) Determine the main source of sexuality communication.
The findings revealed that there was an infrequent communication regarding sexuality between adolescents and parents. Interestingly, of the frequent sexuality communication that transpired at home, it was the mothers who have done their roles as compared to the fathers. Likewise, the sexuality communication was relatively higher in frequency between the female adolescents and mothers. Both male and female adolescents perceived mothers as the main source of sexuality communication.
This study has a high bearing particularly in the context of today’s global awareness day of Menstrual Hygiene Day because the information on menstruation was one component incorporated under the construct of human growth and development in my study. 
"Breaking the silence" - Boys showing the support
Unlike other societies, there is no much literature of Bhutan on considering menstruation as social, cultural or religious taboo. But in general, sexuality communication at home is a seldom affair due to its nature of being delicate and sensitive. While adolescence is the transition period of human life that are exposed to numerous life-changing or life-threatening situations, as parents, it is only apt that we provide them the required support to make informed choices about their physiological and psychological health and wellbeing. 
Counselor Choki highlighting the importance of good menstrual hygiene
Literature has it that the onset of consistent sexuality education at home can drastically narrow the incidents of negative health consequences such as unhealthy relationships, unwanted pregnancies, illegitimate children and sexually transmitted diseases to name the few. It is a high time to consider that   the knowledge of sexuality is important not only for the adults but is vital for adolescents as well. After all, when adolescents suffer, it is the nation’s asset that are often threatened.
Thus, it is not only the menstruation that requires awareness, the priority has to be in general to improve the knowledge of sexual and reproductive health of a young people. Parents must not shy away to initiate sexuality education at home. In the end, it is the sexuality education that assist the adolescents to channel their sexual instinct to the right direction, appreciate physical growth, accept sexual facts and thus live a healthier and happier life.
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly.
    Neither of my parents could bring themselves to discuss the subject. A mistake I believe.

    1. This is true even in the case of mine. Now, as a parent, I think it is important not to allow the same mistake take place.



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