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The story behind my blog and its title

I like scribbling anything, anytime, anywhere. This smell of my interest was smelt by many of my teachers back then in the school. Even as a Science student, I took a lead role in many activities that demanded linguistic capacities.
Having won the third place in National Essay Competition for Secondary Level in 2002 escalated my curiosity into writing.  My profile to work as a student editor for school newsletter and in college magazines massaged my muscles to walk even further.
Many times I wrote something and those something got lost many times. So, it forced me to eye for a place where I can electronically dump it and bulldoze sometime in the future to read it again.
But then, it was in only 2012 that a male teacher could give birth to a blog with the weakest idea after battling with a massive exploration.

My blog was born in the 21st Century. And people of this century use an electronic NOTEBOOK. This electronic page compiled to form a notebook is created by Dumcho [Me] and is fully under the keyboard of mine to start an engine to fill in it. Hence, its birth name became Dumcho’s NOTEBOOK. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"- Maya Angelou

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