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Saturday, August 30, 2014

N is for Neither Utopia nor Dystopia

A utopia cannot, by definition, include boredom, but the ‘utopia’ we are living in is boring”, writes Svendsen, a Norwegian author. And I follow the shadow of this intuitive lines.
The fact that our mother Earth is the only place to live and endure life is so ridiculous and grotesquely odd. If this universal truth and belief hold water, our world dominated with the Homo sapiens (‘Wise men’ by Latin) shouldn’t smell with a cancer of slaying, butchery, homicide, robbery, kidnap, violence, rape and murder. Today, almost generally, every front pages of the newspapers have turn to be the bedrooms of these man-made catastrophe. But in any way, the rising statistics does not cause even a slightest fever of flabbergasts in the minds of the people. Rather, these man-manufactured disasters have been to a certain extent established as a daily rituals.
Utopia or Dystopia? It is for us to accept    (Photo courtesy: Click LINK)
At one time, as I was flipping the site of the Toronto Public Library, this phrase kept my eye glued and released only later when my conscience agreed that it was a truth. The phrase read: 
So phenomenal and remarkable.
This phrase, I bet is sweeter than the music composed by Beethoven or more beautiful than the sculptures of Michelangelo.
It is so painful to accept that we have a pair of organic eyes that is lavishly contaminated with the cataract of a poor vision. In other words, we are blind people who can see, but don’t see.
Otherwise, why is that so-called EDUCATION ought to bring desirable change in the behaviour of humans not taking place? If the world is to be called as Utopia, it should be the ‘education’ that we humans receive, help in changing the colour of our thinking. That same education should help us build bridges, not the walls in our society. That education should bestow us the values, morals, principles and ethics to taste the sense of brotherhood, not the enmity and frenemy. That education should define rape and murder, drug abuse and robbery as crime and not as a fashion of contemporary living.
Or else, when this only planet capable of banking our lives are full of undesirable entertainments, our stand to claim that the world is utopia would be the best joke for the next generations to read in our history. The once clean sheet of this world is almost unexpectedly getting polluted with the air of dystopia.
I am a standing water, perplexed to judge: “Is our world Utopia or Dystopia”?          

“If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food, either” – Joseph Wood Krutch  


  1. I feel we are in between the two states, we aren't totally onto dystopic side but tending to go with development wings already flapping. We need to spring back our actions that are increasingly stretching towards dystopia. Just the personal opinion Dumcho sir.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I am just curious why people talk gold and excrete the other thing? They talk of peace and on the other side engages such social manners? World is increasingly becoming confusing.

  2. Yes...I often feel lost and confused too. Sometimes nothing seems to make we go the wrong way about things...wish there was a simple solution...

    1. Wish there was a simple solution and wish all the people agree to that same solution. Thanks Ygraine.

  3. Damcho sir we have so called GNH pioneered by our fourth Druk Gyalpo which will prove as a perfect weapon in combating human-environmental conflict.



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