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Monday, January 27, 2014

He was a man

I have never realized that I become blind even with a pair of good eye sight. But the two ladies who could barely speak English have concluded with a powerful post-mortem to prove it today. 

Sometimes, when I am drenched with the rain of busy-ness, I always find myself not in a proper shape to suit the usual routine. The cruel hands of either carelessness or embarrassment tend to hold me back despite my stern diligence. 

Today's encounter is nothing dissimilar. 

I was taking a race against time in search of a restroom. Since it was my first time to tread in that new place, finding a place to relieve myself from a biological phenomenon was taxing. Neither was I able to locate a spot compatible to camouflage me and put a big full-stop to that biological catastrophe. 

But eventually by chance, I got into a small lavatory. Feeling relieved, I hastily logged on the buttons of my jeans to relieve the burdened muscular urinary bladder. 

However, no sooner my organic harvest was complete; I heard a feminine voice chattering in Thai. I heard them knocking the door and speaking some words which I couldn't concentrate at least for that moment. I remained mute because I have already started my first assignment. 

Then, I heard them roaring, "Hello". 
"Hello, Hello, ......... Hello, Hello..... continued for some more time. I was still silent, although their voice stole some share of my attention. 

They murmured again. And few moments later, I heard an interruption with a new voice. They talked in English. 

"The person might be a lady with a short haircut", said that new lady.
"No, he was a man", the other two replied. 
By then, I realized that I have entered into a wrong zone. I was blind to notice to which gender the restroom belonged. 

At once my mind was reluctant to come out. But, after gathering all the strings of my guts and confidence, I appeared as if I knew nothing about the incidence. 

I immediately looked on the wall and found a pictogram of a lady. I smiled to them but saw their face muscles trying hard to position the mouth before it erupted to a laughter. 

"Mr. Gentleman, this is ladies room. For gents, it's in the opposite" said one lady with a huge joviality. 

I remained embarrassed, said Thank You and fled the scene. 
" Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Small but presenting Big

The Ancient Siam is a small park that presents Thailand in a bigger fashion. This park was a brainchild of Lek Viriyaphat, a celebrated culture patron, revered as Khun Lek in Thai today. It extends up to 200 acres out of country’s total 514,000 square kilometers and shares a same shape with the country.
Formerly branded as an Ancient City, Ancient Siam is a segment of heaven in Thailand. Any visitor can log onto the details of the country simply by entering into this zone of ancientness.
The park offers the picture of a living history due to which it is dubbed as the world’s biggest outdoor museum. As many as 116 structures are still standing with glory to slogan its unique architectural configurations. While some are the reproduction of replicas that existed in the past or prevailing structures, there are also few that are scaled down.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Beauty of Death

Death is but a name of another place
Woven to be so beautiful and clear  
That when time rolls at its pace
Shake the hands even with the crown without any fear

Death is but another sleeping bed
Crafted to be so warm and pleasant
Although nothing unusual is made
For all mortals to rest, be it king or a peasant
Dead is a sleeping bed for us. Courtesy:
Death is but another mortal’s tongue
Designed to labor and speak
Where ‘Honesty’ is first to sprung
Along with ‘Justice’ at the peak

Death is but a sentence
Punctuated to show the meaning
Of beauty and power having no essence
Which humans always keep greening

Death is but a last sleep
Or should it be a final awakening?
But in any case, the arms are opened to keep
A message that it is always waiting
“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” ― Mark Twain

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Humans are funny

I am sipping the taste of the world differently each day. Today, it is my 10585th day on this Blue Planet.
Not long ago, during my school days, I was so fascinated to learn that humans are shelved at a higher rung in the ladder of animal nomenclature.  
And not surprisingly, while teaching in the class, my science teacher would proudly scream, “We are lucky to be humans. Humans have an ability to think. We are social animals”
“Humans are the only creature that can practice dharma and trace the way to enlightenment”, a ritual lyrics my Dzongkha teacher would sing every pre and post evening prayer time.  
Few years later, my Biology teacher sang the same song of human praise in a different language. She would claim, “Homo sapiens are primates with a relatively larger brain with well developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes which facilitates higher level of abstract reasoning, language and problem solving”.
I wowed my teachers for singing these characteristic human attributes when I was quite young. But today, as the tongue of my ear matured, I can taste an irony in the dish of this peculiar human praise.       
Humans are not always an animal to be praised.  
We speak of conservation; talk on pure air; write on pollutions and dream of a green world. But simultaneously, we become the only creature that can cut down the trees, make into a paper and write save trees.  
Humans were born naked, lived naked in primitive eras and surprisingly we are almost getting closer back to this fashion nowadays. This is not the effect of global warming. It means our developed ego is never hesitant to wear those undeveloped human traits once again.   
We read about love; we say sharing is loving and we believe that the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray. But we are not troubled by the starving neighbours and instead fears of favourite movie star’s next release whether it can hit the box office.
Sometimes, humans have a lot to learn from this tiger 
We speak of compassion; we admire equality and we address poverty alleviation as serious human threat. But the rich is never bothered to adopt the child having parents over those homeless street children.
Humans have thousands of infectious madness. We make our own rules only to break it. We say laws are for all the people but when weak breaks, it get strangled and for the strong, it’s a spider-web that can be broken without strength.
We say the world is going crazy not knowing that humans craft it to look one. Humans are the actors who stage their acts and laugh loudly on their own.  
Humans are indeed really funny. 
"We all dream; we do not understand our dreams, yet we act as if nothing strange goes on in our sleep minds, strange at least by comparison with the logical, purposeful doings of our minds when we are awake" -Erich Fromm 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Countdown in Asiatique, The Riverfront

With only few hours left for the year to register with a new name, I was also curious to flip the first page of 2014 with completely new move. For many days back, I was busy editing the calendar of my mind to insert a plan that was apparently fresh and memorable. Those messages that pooled the Facebook wall many hours ahead of the time further salivated my mind to remain glued on one idea and execute the sketch of my plan instantly. So, finally, I plunged the trigger of my plan to visit Asiatique in Bangkok.
Asiatique, The Riverfront is the newest Bangkok Night Market. It is one place totally flooded with the regular footsteps of the tourists from many countries. Located near the Chao Phraya River, it is one of the coolest places to hang around amongst many in Thailand.
The 2014 Countdown with thousands of people yelling ‘Happy New Year’ was just amazing. I was thrilled to be with my wife this time in a new place with a new celebration. That storm of happiness was so strong that it even broke out the tight cap of my own trust that I kissed a bottle of Chang, a locally brewed beer of Thailand. It was exactly 3:15 AM morning after I realized that the Chang has left me cold on the bed.
Asiatique, The Riverfront: A cool place to hang around
Inside a boat moving towards Asiatique
The day like night in Asiatique
My dear holding the Asiatique 2014 countdown balloon
2014 resolution 1: Revive my drinking skills which I left 13 years ago
"Celebrate what you want to see more of"- Tom Peters 


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