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Monday, January 27, 2014

He was a man

I have never realized that I become blind even with a pair of good eye sight. But the two ladies who could barely speak English have concluded with a powerful post-mortem to prove it today. 

Sometimes, when I am drenched with the rain of busy-ness, I always find myself not in a proper shape to suit the usual routine. The cruel hands of either carelessness or embarrassment tend to hold me back despite my stern diligence. 

Today's encounter is nothing dissimilar. 

I was taking a race against time in search of a restroom. Since it was my first time to tread in that new place, finding a place to relieve myself from a biological phenomenon was taxing. Neither was I able to locate a spot compatible to camouflage me and put a big full-stop to that biological catastrophe. 

But eventually by chance, I got into a small lavatory. Feeling relieved, I hastily logged on the buttons of my jeans to relieve the burdened muscular urinary bladder. 

However, no sooner my organic harvest was complete; I heard a feminine voice chattering in Thai. I heard them knocking the door and speaking some words which I couldn't concentrate at least for that moment. I remained mute because I have already started my first assignment. 

Then, I heard them roaring, "Hello". 
"Hello, Hello, ......... Hello, Hello..... continued for some more time. I was still silent, although their voice stole some share of my attention. 

They murmured again. And few moments later, I heard an interruption with a new voice. They talked in English. 

"The person might be a lady with a short haircut", said that new lady.
"No, he was a man", the other two replied. 
By then, I realized that I have entered into a wrong zone. I was blind to notice to which gender the restroom belonged. 

At once my mind was reluctant to come out. But, after gathering all the strings of my guts and confidence, I appeared as if I knew nothing about the incidence. 

I immediately looked on the wall and found a pictogram of a lady. I smiled to them but saw their face muscles trying hard to position the mouth before it erupted to a laughter. 

"Mr. Gentleman, this is ladies room. For gents, it's in the opposite" said one lady with a huge joviality. 

I remained embarrassed, said Thank You and fled the scene. 
" Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon


  1. Haha. haha. haha.. Really had a good laugh. :D

    1. Sonam, that seems funny but I really got embarrassed lol.

    2. Do participate in the liebster blog award; I nominated you. Visit my site for the participation.



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