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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Fertile Busy-ness??

The time has galloped and has almost crossed the mountains. I can hardly trace the footprints of my last blog post. I only wish I have another 24 hours on the face of my clock because I have lot more to add into my blog-shelf.
In devoid of such fill in, the piece of my last post almost surrendered in the form an epitaph and gave the impression of a permanent burial. I feel the pain of this forced withdrawal even after being inside the suffocating cocoon of an academic drill these days.
I always realized that a day without a work is not easy to complete the sunset but a day with oodles of work to fix is by far, difficult to race before the nightfall. And the most challenging part is, when I have myriads of things to construct into a complete circle within a short period of time.
The journal paper I have sent for the publication
Keeping busy doing many things to oneself is worthy and entertaining but getting busier doing the same thing over and again is laborious and draining.
But with the grace of the Almighty and incessant rain of prayers and wishes of my families, friends and relatives, I am surviving this acid test of my passion and enthusiasm in the search of academic wisdom.
Fortunately, I am caught with an excitement of contentment and joy after I could eventually send one of my research papers for publication in an international journal. Getting published will not only add another feather to my resume but will be another thing on my bucket list. 
“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”- Allen Saunders
(P.S: I could not visit any of the blogs. Please bear with me)


  1. Dear Dumcho,
    I know how taxing it is to complete academic tasks. I can see you chasing datelines after datelines. At the same time l can see your hardwork paying off. You have already done a paper and gotten published. Congratulations. How long do you have until completion? Dumcho I would like to read your paper. Could you send it to, please?

  2. great one sir,,,thanks for sharing with us....

  3. Sometimes we get exhausted doing our passion and chasing our dreams. It is by the grace of God and prayers and support indeed that we get through hardships.

    Getting published is exciting news! Congrats in advance. :)

  4. Hope it will get published~ Best wishes~

  5. Now the it is time for you to reap the fruits. Congrates man.

  6. Sometimes it is really hard work...following your dreams...but is always worth those sacrifices made along the way.
    Now your time for success is here!
    My Very Best Wishes!! :)


  7. Very Best Wishes dear sir :) Loved it as always. Have a wonderful day. Take Care!



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