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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The face of the 21st Century World

The epoch of the 21st century has ushered in by a dramatic revolution in technology, education, culture, language and beliefs. And amusingly, due to the rapid evolution of those dynamic entities, we are settling our feet to live in an increasingly complex, mysteriously diverse, exceedingly globalized and transparently politics-soaked society.
We have no idea of how the face of our world will look like after many years along the line. And as expected, to a fool like me, it is always a fairytale to be heard of.
With the birth of every New Year, we hear the world rejoice with the hymns of infinite praises and scores of pledges. Those pledges to make the world a better place to live in, those pledges to improve the human lives, and of course those pledges to turn over a new leaf.
But as the days fall from the twig of the calendar, every resolutions wither and perish, and gradually bury under the cemetery of one’s memory. That’s the time where we hear the alarms of global warming, buzzer of famine and poverty, and watch stories on social Medias about the crises on health, values, society and living environment, all singularly ignited by the button of self-greed and hunger.
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While the emerging technologies and resulting globalizations are expected to broaden unlimited possibilities for exciting new era of positive change, situations are rather running otherwise.
Even at an individual level, we observe that the world is already drenched with self-conceit and dusted with the smoke of prejudices and discrimination. People with education are the ugliest because they drink egos by sitting on the cup of their temporary chair. As one rises into a sizeable power and authority, their visions and hearing organs virtually gets impaired. They no longer see the honest agony of human sufferings and do not easily hear the common human cries of genuine helplessness. It has been a ritual that an anthem of praise for doing nothing has to be sung first, prior to the unfolding of our hands to touch the ground of those cruel thorny hands as a gesture of greetings. A smile beyond the capacity of our jaws can extend, has to be exposed to indicate the acceptance of words manufactured by their skillful tongue. The words has to filtered and distilled before it is poured into the cup of conversation, because 21st century words are bizarrely contaminated with a political connotations.
In all essence, the dream of crafting a world built by the bricks of Utopian characteristics is a synonym of impracticality. While the childhood of the 21st century is already caught with the cancer of human greed and selfishness, it is certainly convincing that the world at adulthood will suffer from the terminal cancer, which is just incurable and hopeless.
“Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you, because they can’t handle what’s right about you”- Anonymous      


  1. A great thought Mr. Damcho. May be you are back home by now.

    1. I have returned home after the successful completion of my studies. But you know I had been silent for the past two months. I have many stories to write and tell and hope time will allow me do this.
      I hope you are also on vacation now.

  2. How I wish that we could realise that the world is (or should be) a community and hurting one hurts us all.

  3. People sure have become so self centered now. I just try to blame it on the changing times but its obvious that its the humans who are changing. Loved the read :)

    1. Thanks Pelmo for reading my post. It has been long that I dint write any post. Hope you are keeping fine.

  4. Great thoughts and perspective indeed. Nice of you to share!

  5. Your last quote is an interesting thing to contemplate. It's probably very true.

  6. Hadn't seen new posts from your for a while. I agree with what you are saying and how we have to watch every word for fear of political fallout or false interpretations. Social media may have made personal opinions and free speech less free.

  7. That is my most fondly-felt dream, Dumcho...that someday everyone on the planet will learn that we are all interconnected, and if you hurt someone else, then you are also hurting yourself.
    Oh one day...

    So good to have you back, my dear friend!:)

    A Hug :))

  8. I gather this thoughts is a result of your recent experience, Dumcho sir. If not, pardon me.

    Nonetheless, its a good wake up call for all of us and a very thought provoking post.

  9. Welcome back! It's good to hear from you again.

    This post sounds more pessimistic than what you usually write. Yes, there are many things wrong in the world, and some people are self-centered and blind to the needs of other people. Yes, political correctness is trying hard to replace common sense and clear thought. Still? Still, I think there is more goodness and beauty in the world than there is wrongness, and there are more kind caring people in the world than there are selfish and uncaring. And I hope common sense and clear thought haven't gone the way of the dodo yet. It might be on life support, but I'm hopeful for a full recovery. :)

  10. Oh, I couldn't have said it better. I love how technological is helping better our lives but then it has its cons. When not used moderately, we create a world of people self-absorbed, lazy and undisciplined. I hope it won't get worse.



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