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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Essence of Competition

Enough ink has been spilled in whining and protesting in the form of words about unfair opportunities and perhaps I should compose no more about it.
As much as our survival is important to acclimatize with the ground realities of this fast changing world, competition for any opportunities in any essence is central to the accommodation of our life in this 21st century. So for that matter, in order to access for any limited opportunities or resources, competition within the same species (Intraspecific) or amongst different species (Interspecific) in human life is a rudimentary necessity.
Humans have thus far, invented a series of processes in locating and gauging the best that are fit for survival but only through competition mode.  
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But just as a bee die after it stings, at times humans tend to suffocate with the rubrics of our own survival proceedings. A competition system built with a noble intent of creating a better society by finding the deserving often gets dirtied by our very mind. And the very purpose of having a competition meets tragedy before it is born. That’s how we hear a story of opportunities knocking only to a person connected either through genes and blood or money or power. That’s also a time when we witness a magical metamorphosis of the sick and the diseased to an undeserving career comforts and probable career advantage after the touch by those hands that are already soiled. But as we are familiar with, when fishes are made to climb the trees, it neither can succeed nor live long. So live it that way.    
However, we fail to realize that when the system gets contaminated by the people who creates the system, it is never easy to sweep it clean. Competitions of any sort, be it intra or interspecific, to make it functional without any ailments of favoritism or nepotism or corruption, the hygiene and cleanliness of its modus operandi are the central aspects to be taken care of.
Or else, the sickness of such failures are enough to infect the minds of the present mass and such stories will relapse even after those wicked are vanished.  
“Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people”- Faqimi Fauzi

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