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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Truth is simply Relative

If truth be told truthfully about truth, none speaks the truth. In fact everyone prefers dressing up the lie and paint it as truth whenever the situation favor our needs. And yet, many of us assertively exaggerate ourselves to be honest or opine others to be one.
Like any other expression, truth is esoterically ambiguous and subjective in nature. There is nothing such as absolute truth – a truth that is inflexible and unalterable. Rather it is highly relative in nature and in some cases it is extremely ‘situational’ – a truth spoken to fit one situation.  
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Owing to this relative nature, we are often accustomed in either hearing or speaking a situational truth. We never realize that, in doing so, we trap ourselves in saying yes for no or okay for the things that aren’t because all of us simply don’t want rejection or feel terrible for speaking the fact. So to please others, we end up speaking a fake truth.  
Actually speaking truth is one honorable personality trait that can typically distinguish ourselves on the kind of values we are stuffed with. But for many odd reasons, we let our tongue give birth to a fake truth from its womb of the kind that can bleed any relationship into pieces. When these foul odors of the lies exited from our mouth are smelt by the surroundings, the trust gets instantaneously strangulated. And once the trust is lost, it is an uphill task to regain with a content of similar fertility.  
However, even after realizing this naked fact, our lips are never free from the stains of lies. Some of us still like to stick on gluing several false stories to web into a truth while few are already habituated. For those who are in search of shortcut for their gains, speaking no lies might certainly need a serious rehabilitation. So for them, as long as the needs are fulfilled, they even never mind washing their dirty linen in public. The ones who are caught with that rheumatic fever of sycophancy are severely doomed to such fallacies.
And quite miserably, the ears that receives those groans belief in those opinions that contains no traces of facts. When those listeners belief in what others see, that’s the time where hatred is bred and dignity is murdered. In other words, when one accepts those ‘belief statements’ as truth, the equation of truth being relative is largely proven.      
“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything” – Mark Twain

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