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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some Common Uncommon Whys- 2

8. WHY do we have sex?
Seriously, sex is not only for pleasure!
A myriad of scientific studies have revealed the psychological,   physical and mental boosts due to this fantastic exercise. The enhancement of the immune system which ultimately ensures longevity, warding off cancer, reduction of stress and depression are reported by various empirical studies among others. One vigorous sex episode is calculated to have burnt almost 300 calories thereby losing considerable amount of weight besides improving circulation and lowering cholesterol.
But most importantly of all, humans are classified to be very slow producer. We need a minimum of year to bear the offspring. So abstinence of sex might mean lowering the rate of reproduction and hence jeopardizing on extinction of human species.     

 9. WHY do men want sex?  
The main hormone that induces sexual drive in men is testosterone. This hormone is almost 10-20 times more in men than women, making the sex drive in male so strong. Women prefers more of love than sex because they have higher level of oxytocin – a hormone responsible for the people falling in love. It is revealed that when people fall in love, the level of testosterone decreases and oxytocin increases which enhances the love making process to be faster. Among men, the one who is married and bear the role of a father is reported to have significantly lower amount of testosterone and more of oxytocin than singles – because of their nurturing roles and parental associations.

10. WHY do women talk more and listen more than men?
A study conducted in the University of Maryland concluded that women talk more – almost 20,000 words per day which is 13,000 times more than an average man. They are talkative and chattier because of their brain contains more of Foxp2 protein, popularly known as ‘language protein’. Females are reported to have 30% more of Foxp2 protein than boys. This is also one reason why girls learn to speak faster than boys.    

11. WHY do we close our eyes when we kiss?
A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance by psychologists Dalton and Murphy have revealed that closing our eyes while kissing is more natural to appreciate the physical feeling experienced due to kissing. Any visual stimuli caused due to non-closure of eyes might distract our brain to focus in taking the task in hand. So to gather the feelings and intensifying the intimacy between the kissers, we close our eyes while kissing.

12. WHY do we close our eyes when we pray?
The primary logic behind closing our eyes when we pray is to enhance focus (concentration) and limit the distractions. The visual distractions are so strong that it can last in our brain even if we close our eyes for some time. When we close our eyes, not only can we notice any kind of visual distractions, but also can concentrate religiously on our prayers to God.

13. WHY do we wear watch on the left hand?  
There isn’t any general rule that we have to wear watch on the left hand. A right hander usually wear it on the left while the left hander on the right hand because it is easier for one to see the time and maneuver the work simultaneously with our preferred hands with ease. Wearing watches on the left hand was apparently popular as majority of the watches designed during that time were operated by wind-up clock mechanism. The crown – part of the watch used to wind and located at the right side of the clock, made easier to rotate if worn on the left hand.   
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14. WHY do people shake hands with the right hand?
Even if one is left handed, we ended up shaking hands with the right hand. Ever asked why?
Many probable theories are put in, to explain this phenomenon that exactly do not have concrete findings as yet. However, considering it as disgraceful, some cultures forbid shaking hands with the left hand – the hand that usually wipes. One doing with it is an affront. Another postulate believes that during an ancient times, weapons were dominantly used with the right hand as majority of the people were supposedly right-handed. So shaking with right hand was a sign to indicate that one is free of weapon.
But in Scouting, the scouts always shake hands with the left-hand as a sign of trust and friendship. A story has it that, when colonel Baden Powell, Founder of the scouts visited Kumasi, the capital city of Ashanti in Africa, he met with one of the great chief. One seeing him, Powell saluted and then offered a hand shake with his right hand as a gesture of friendship. But the chief, after transferring the shield and armors from his left to the right hand offered left hand in return. Traditionally, the left hand was used to hold armors and shield for one’s defense and protection. By offering the left hand, it indicated that the person is no more armed and that he trusted the person with whom he shakes the hand.
“Every day learn something new and just as important, relearn something old” – Robert Brault


  1. Learning is a gift which never ends.

  2. Another great learning experience for me, Dumcho...many thanks!
    I had no idea why we shake hands with out right hands...I just do that automatically, without even thinking about it...and I wasn't sure why we kiss with our eyes closed either...but now I know!

    Have a great day, my friend.:))

    1. Thanks Ygraine. I am trying to let my kids in the school explore more for themselves by giving them some insights.

  3. Lots of food for thought here, Dumcho! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Like unraveling the mystery here. :)

    1. Hehe. I am actually throwing some light for my kids to explore more for themselves. I think I am not completely right in any way here.

    2. Well, that's a good and fun way to learn. Good job!



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