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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is THIS?

I feel like I am lying on a carpet of a dream,
But it isn’t as I could hear others talk and scream
I feel like I am induced with a drug to be crazy
Yet I find myself stable and not so lazy
Then, what is this?
The absence of you from me is a fatal pain
That defers the usual tune of my brain
And when you are next to me my dear,
I find a meaning of being so close and near
So, what is this?
I am jealous of you being with others
The eyes of my heart gets clouded, so to me it bothers
Although our line of living is separate and clear
Yet my heart bleats with pain without any fear
And I wonder, what is this?
Sometimes, I don’t want you with me here
As I fear you would say you don’t want to hear
I know the footpath of our closeness is so rough
Still I want to tread on even with fear as it is not enough
That makes me think, what is this?
When you are just out of the house
Wearing that elegant blue blouse
Over the slim body and take a walk
I want to join your cold hand openly and talk
And let people watch, what is this?
The every single bead of our moment
Is archived in my heart that I really can’t
Erase to start something new and make ours lost
For such kind will never happen at any cost
It’s special for me to reflect what is this?
To describe you, the words don’t have the capacity
The lyricist would fail to compose on their own ability
As charming as you are, so is your closeness  
Which I miss and enjoy, so shall I confess
But I know you may think, what is this?
People may make fun and as abnormal you may find
Because it might or not have occurred to you of such kind
To me it doesn’t make me surprise and wonder
As your absence rather makes my heart grow fonder
Please don’t say “Are u crazy”, and shout what is this?
Although the destiny has pushed us to a separate room
When met before, our relations has failed to bloom
Yet with the destiny’s pity hand and heart
We will craft our relation into one best form of an art
And let destiny itself wonder, WHAT IS THIS?

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