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Thursday, May 23, 2013

To SEPARATE Certificate

Says, a French scientist Louis Pasteur, (1822 - 1895), Chance favors only the prepared mind”. Sometimes, it can be proofed wrong. “BUT” only in my circumstances.
Soon after the graduation in 2007, my fiancée and I managed to skip the last day of our Choeshay session by his Venerable Yangpoi Lopen Chhimi, to write a history in the pages of our life. The main assignment was to insert a good topic in the first chapter of our marriage book: Getting a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (MC). 
To SEPARATE Certificate
We have been informed that the preparation of a MC demands a minimum of three days. But, based on our repeated petition, the High Court of Samtse gave us sufficient feathers of their hand to make us fly within a day itself.
Not before we submitted our MC which was barely two days old, the placement orders were out. I was placed in Samtse district while my wife Sonam to Mongar. Fearing that the purpose of producing MC would be defeated, I approached to the office of our parent Ministry in Thimphu the very next day. My petition within a minute metamorphosed in favour of me to join Mongar. This made me realize the real muscle of my immature and infantile MC. I thanked the officer for a due recognition, credit and respect paid not to me but to my MC for having legal sanctity.
That time I thought, my MC would have been the youngest in the world to be used for a purpose of a placement.    
I submitted a copy to the office of the District Education Officer in Mongar. I was actually already blinded by a belief that no matter how young or old, the MC in its original form does the justice. But hearing the order of our placement, my wife and me were thrown into a web of shock and blazed with the fire of disbelief. We were placed separate. Like the barrel of our MC contained zero bullets, it failed to shoot for the defense. Its strength has declined altogether and therefore seized its capacity to shield us.
My theories on explaining the officer concerned proved fatal. His immediate response was: “You have provided the legal document as demanded but if two of you are placed together, anyone of you might be wastage”. “Wastage? in what terms”, promptly I rolled him a question.
Both of you have same teaching subjects”.  
What does that mean? What a painful justification indeed from a so-called education officer?  Millions of questions hammered my brain. Were we the first couple in the history of placement to have the same teaching subjects?
Then instantly, I gave him a reply in a form of a question: “Do you mean to say that we should have opted for a subject marriage? How will anyone of us be vestigial if placed together?
The razor-sharpness of my question was many times blunted by his comical riposte. Finally, I surrendered because I could gauge his body temperature exceeding almost 100°C and visible veins of dissatisfaction appeared on his visage.
I joined the school, although separately. I will not produce a note of obstacles faced after our separation since it is, to many of the world clear and loud.
My wife left for the studies a year later. I applied for a transfer and am placed to Kabesa Middle Secondary School in Punakha. After successful completion, on her return, the ministry has immediately placed her in Dechentsemo Middle Secondary School to substitute two teachers who also have left for studies. We still managed to leave separate for six months.
That same year I applied for transfer and stated the personal and financial impediments while living separate. I was encouraged when these people on power nodded as I kept on hitting them with the hammer of my personal statements.
But the very irony is that, I was still retained in a same school. My MC, which was now fully six years old, lost its legal stand completely. That document became a certificate to SEPARATE us. To me, it spoke in volumes that, no matter what legal document you have, as long as you are under ME, I am the BOSS.
Hereafter, they mayn’t get disturbed by my transfer application. I am leaving for studies this August for a period of two years. But my only and daily WISH is not to see them anymore. As I think it again and again, it kills me. I cannot forget these people sitting on a high rung; after all, I am also an unenlightened human being with a heart alive.    

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