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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Royal Happyness

These days I only wish for an extra oomph that can tug the cruel hands of the clock running. Never before have I seen time fleeting in a typhonic speed as I do today. And traveling in a ship of bewilderment at this velocity is truly inexpressible.
It has been almost a week that I am being freed from the teaching yoke. Time is very limited for me to be at home because a week later, I would dress in as a Post Graduate student in Mahidol University. 
Seriously, no humour makes me laugh. My favourite programme Just for Laugh Gags gravely failed to stretch the weakest tendon of my chin to smile. On the contrary, the WWE, which once was my source of amusement, is ridiculously annoying. I am not bothered who takes the WWE Champion belt, John Cena or Ryback, Sheamus or Ziglar or Randy or Mark Henry.
There’s a long list in the menu to complete before I leave for studies. But, my fingers aren’t prepared to kick off anything. They featured a toddler whose muscles are weak in strength to handle their own weight. So basically nothing interests me at this moment. 
My chum, Mr. Tashi Dorji from Paro
But today, my friend Mr.Tashi Dorji gave life to this living dead man. He has mailed the snap taken with His Majesty the King and the Gyaltsuen during their visit to attend the flood victims of Wokuna, 5km drive from our school.  
With His Majesty the King and the Gyaltsuen during the royal patronage to attend recent flood victims at Wokuna
The mere glance emitted a Royal happyness that I was brought to a life again. It resonated in me a sense of perfect trust and care from the guardian of our small kingdom. This togetherness still lingers in a big space of my little heart, totally etched and frescoed to last till eternity. Though momentary it is, its shortness gives the furthest beam of happiness; the happyness of the kind that blunts the sharpness of melancholy, depression and severance.

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