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Friday, June 28, 2013

Impossible's Possible

There is saying from the holy Bible that, "As a man thinketh, so is he". Beautifully said. Transcendentally true. Politically correct.
It's true that we see the things we are and not the way they are. When we are so inferior of kicking off great things, we find many things impossible. In fact we never realize and take few seconds to think that many great things by the great people are done little by little. Impossible is possible for the people who is unwaveringly determined.
To many of the great philosophers and think tanks, the word impossible is read in a different footing. Through their lens, Impossible means ''I'm possible''. Wow! Isn't it interesting to learn how to walk in their way of understanding?
Neopolean Benorpate has seriously warned that the word impossible is found only in the fool's dictionary.
When India was colonized by the British, Mahatma Gandhi, the physically weak but morally strong, boycotted the British rules and their commodities. Once when he was thrown out of the train by the British, he said, "Just now you throw me out of the train, I will throw you out of the country". Examine the power of this little man with a huge courage. He has converted his anger into determination. He has discovered impossible possible by milking his courage in making independent India. That's Gandhian's, I'm possible.
Many of us have heard this story.
Robert Bruce, the king of Scots could not imagine and believe himself when he lost his kingdom. No matter how hard he mustered the forces, he lost to many innumerable battles.
In an utmost despair, being burnt with the hopelessness flame, he thought of a way to surrender.
In the process, he happened to have taken solace under a crumbling house. And to his surprise, noticed a spider making an attempt to reach the wall top. Each time a spider attempted, it dropped. But he observed that its attempt continues using the same method in its original path. Eventually, it was successful.
Watching the event, the king was transfixed. A new rays of hope surged within him. He realized that his failure was merely a manifestation and synonym of the spiders.
So next time, he gathered all the torn pages of his courage and he too portrayed miracles. What?
An amazing victory. The ideation of spider's attempt dawn him to a realm of success. That's Brucean's I'm possible.
Franklin D Roosevelt was grief stricken with Polio at the age of 39. He did not lose the appetite to grow further simply because of this medical calamity. He ran through politics and won the hearts and minds of the people. Today, history has it that he is the only US President who was elected for thrice. An iconic political figure indeed. That's Franklin's I'm possible.
Self praise is no praise, an old Bhutanese axiom lives. But I am not hesitant to recount it.
When I was asked by my Physics lecturer Mrs. Ugyen Pem to tell the marks I obtained in class XII Physics, I pointed to other end of the row to begin. My conscience directed me the right thing because I stood the lowest with 47 among 33 of us enrolled for Bachelors Degree. That event was detriment to my stand as a future physics teacher while on the other hand shot a message of working harder this time.
The paper that I am made to be proud of

Within those three years of intensive course, it happened to occur miracle in the history of my life. I was stunned to be the recipient of the most coveted F.L.Goropse Prize for Academy Proficiency in B.Ed Secondary Science, 2007 for securing the highest aggregate. It wrote title into my diary as Wangdian's I'm possible.

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