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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Politics Season

The temperature-humidity index of politics is broiling especially at this hour in the Bhutanese wall clock. Turn left or face right, vow down or gaze up, we can sniff one thing in common: The Politics. This politics has now released an additional feather into the wings of Bhutanese climatic zone making us witness and adapt the “Political Season”.
5 years ago, the politics was barely a concept of interest for fellow Bhutanese. At that time, many of us have joined the mass demonstration that advocated ‘ignorance is bliss’. In other words, spare the illiterates, even the gang of literates slipped off the road of understanding it.
But 5 years now have a new face of story to tell. The Bhutanese political infants have attained its puberty. Same person though, now has another way of explanation for politics. And same bunch of voters too have their own dictionary to synonym politics and its peripherals.
Politicians connote politics for the developments that were introduced during their reign. But voters substitute politics for several services that failed to reach them. In this politics season, every Tom, Dick and Harry dons with a political courage and plays a part in a political battle.
For some, they discharge bullets of water shortage while other fires lack of bridge over dangerous rivers. Some climb over the hill of their oratory skills and spill issues on corruption, poor road conditions, dry irrigation channel and delayed constructions. However, there are still few who prefer to bulldoze with a firm grip to question, “What’s next” in your plan, if given the chance to form the government? 
This season has made every lips murmur any kind of limitations and drawbacks irrespective of the doer to politics. Water is politics. Helicopter is politics. Land is politics. Irrigation is politics. Loan is politics. Inflation is politics. House rent is politics. Taxi is politics. Hydro power is politics. Diplomatic relation is politics. Construction is politics. 
The image which might invite voters someday to justify politics
All the three spheres of earth, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere eventually have finally been the victim of politics. Nevertheless, the impact of the battle is temporary and flimsy. The final punch of our index finger of the voting machines will weed out all this vegetation, growing at this political season. 

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