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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Political Typhoid

On 31st of May 2013, the Bhutanese people ticketed the fate of those four political parties contesting for the primary round to enter the golden land of general elections. I, as a bonafide citizen of this beautiful Himalayan kingdom, in my own capacity managed to send a postal ballot that was eventually successful.
It was a polling day. I was at home. Having done with all kinds of household chores, I snatched an old diary with a half filled ink-pen to note the results. It was 7:10 PM. I didn’t mind picking quarrels with my wife for letting to skip her addicted English series: The Grey’s Anatomy. And frankly speaking, it was equally taxing to shun the waves of my appetite for tuning WWE Smackdown on the other.
The result declaration has begun. The Bumthang district has taken a lead to capture the minds and eyes of Bhutanese people who remained glued to their television sets. I duplicated the figures into my notebook and went on summing up the numerals that followed in tow.
“The contestants might not be at ease at this time of the hour”, interrupted my wife. “A political Typhoid”, I declared.
We talked in length and breadth on the subject of politics. We had abundant assignments over our meals. We laughed together on how good civilians after entering the battlefield of politics camouflage to a bad political figure.
Shiv Khera, the author of the international bestseller, You Can Win was not wrong to remark: “Politics is not a dirty game as such. There are only dirty players”. 
I was fearful that few of us tried to rehearse being dirty players. For some beginners, the air that stroked the microphone below their tongue was repeatedly stung with the venom of pejorative sarcasms on their opponent. They should have been cognizant that the mass of innocent Bhutanese disgrace such critics. But, for practiced politicians, they humbly submitted their views and omitted other’s views on their party. They were skillful to paddle the ship of their party over a dangerous ocean of primary round.
When the results were out, I knew few of the contestants that missed the mark to enter the general round might have collapsed, though mentally. They might have seen the real Political Typhoid taking grip over their muscles.
This is not stunning. They tried and failed. They took the possible political medications to nip in the bud the disastrous political typhoid. But they had no immunity  to withstand our voters hopes. The two strong political parties, the DPT and the PDP were sworn into the throne of general elections to be held on 13th July, 2013.
All the best to both of the parties. May the best party win in the general round.

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