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Thursday, June 20, 2013

In an Exam Mode

With the half yearly exams kicking off, our school has switched back to an exam mode. Exam’s like a science laboratory for teachers to snatch the slide of our children’s work under the microscope of their red pen. The strange syringe filled with a red injectant destines the fate of our children.
After having appeared so many exams as a student, I can clearly see the shadows of tensions that overcast our heart. The word exam, for some is like adopting a regime to undergo strict diet schedule, escaping few of the timely meals simply because they are caught by the exam fever. For few who always trod with time, it’s a mundane bridge that they casually walk over it. But, at least a few segments are still there crippled by exam epidemics, making them suffer insomnia, amnesia, negligence, be dreamy, preoccupied and vague.
My school children sprinting with the first Mid-term exam paper
The most interesting and captivating moment during such climate is that we can see the forecast of different weather on the face of our children. Some sweat depicting a farmer in a sub-tropical area while others freeze like mountaineers on top of the Everest. Few emit heat not less than a turbo engine and some gaze the empty ceiling wrinkling their forehead, as if they can fix the exact number of cement molecules used.
After being a teacher, I can watch many scenes in this exam drama. Having said this, I am not being celebrative of our children’s challenge and struggle. This drama is absolutely necessary because, it has only been a stage to showcase their academic talents and creative wits. It is an academic event where both academic Olympics and Paralympics are held together without any bigotry.    


  1. really nice piece of writing and thought man!

    1. Tashi,
      Thank you for the compliments. It's very challenging during the infancy. Will keep on writing more.And keep reading too.



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