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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Monarch’s cause to be in the seventh heaven

“Give me a lever long enough and place to stand and I can lift this earth” Archimedes is supposed to have said.
The message of His Majesty the King during his visit to our school on 11th June echoed an equivalent connotation. His Majesty the King and the Gyaltsuen were on their tour to attend the recent flood victims of Wokuna, almost 5km drive from the school.
All of us shared a melody of ecstasy upon seeing our Royal Couple for the first time in the history of our school. Their presence, momentarily though, illuminated and swept the face of our innocent kids with the glow of happiness and a perfect bliss. They appeared in front of us like an ideal living epitaph that beamed fundamental human values and morality. Like a walking dictionary of principles, His Majesty’s every word was weighty, having the fibres of ideals, ethics and moral values. 
His Majesty the King and Gyaltsuen
The message was loud and clear. And hearing it closely, we were fortunate to distinguish the cause that makes our King and the Gyaltsuen to be in the seventh heaven. While teachers were showered with praise for doing a great work and commanded for further pick-up, His Majesty equally pronounced that the children must pull their weight at an international parity. Teachers were granted a separate audience and commanded to give children a lever long enough so that the children can move the world in their own way.
His majesty reminded the children on what makes him and the Gyaltsuen happy. When the children study well and give their best in academics; when the children become a good listeners to their teachers and parents; when the students behave well; and above all, when the students have a good heart with human values, it’s all that makes our Royal Couple happy. He also reminded everyone of us that “respect should not be enforced, it should be earned”.
Like a dream, it took few minutes to be with our King and the queen. His Majesty was impressed and granted the school family with Nu.66, 000 solely for having a school picnic. We were commanded let our children enjoy to the fullest, before waiting for the monsoon. So this Friday, we are organizing a picnic from His Majesty’s Soelray.
Long Live our King and the Gyaltseun.

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