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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

“The Earth is made of Continents”

This pre-August I might probably leave for studies. So, my school deliberately took off many responsibilities from my shoulder. Fearing that I might pose disruptions by leaving it halfway, I surrendered teaching Physics for senior classes as well. But, I had almost thirty periods a week on my hat which comprised of Social Studies in six and Health and Physical Education classes from PP-VI.
As the share for half-yearly exam is over, I have suspended teaching new chapters. My children at this time took my responsibilities that they actively took part in group presentation on those concluded issues. One interesting episode they adored most was the quiz contest amongst the groups. I took a role of a marker and also a tacit moderator when the questions were modestly ambiguous.
The VI As are comparatively better than Bs. A girl known by the name Kinza Yangden never hesitates to throw questions, related to and of critical nature. I have always observed this girl putting up a vigilant and watchful step while the teacher teaches in her class. Believe it or not, sometimes she wouldn’t even excuse us the slip of tongue at the minimal.
The new edition of Class VI Social Studies text book comprises of a ‘Points to Remember’ segment that accumulates the main highlights of the chapter. I did not know my negligence which made me fail to scratch the points labeled at the end of chapter 3: The Earth We Live In. In the contents, the text book reads: the earth is made up of three spheres: the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. As many would do, I taught the way as it is because Board Examination papers are designed in such a way that they mobilize the same words and sentence as a whole in some extent.
The Earth which I meant.
Kinza led her troop near the board and began asking questions. I already had a rough sketch back in my mind that her questions will bleed some of the groups and wound them in fetching good points. The better the performance in the contest, higher the grades they gain as it was a part of their Continuous Assessment.
Holding a notebook scribbled ‘sherig’ on the cover, she shot the questions. While few of the many questions were promptly given an accurate answer by various groups, one question thundered the whole class.
 She asked, “What is the earth made up of?”
The group 1 answered proudly: 3 spheres. The lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere.
“Sorry”, she said firmly.
The group 2 then tried their turn: 29% lithosphere and 71% hydrosphere.
“Wrong”, saying this she giggled. 
The last group tried but failed too. The class looked at me with utter dissatisfaction and bewilderment. They began shouting and proposed me to intervene and say the answer. 
The possible answers were already spell out. So, nothing was left at my disposal. I repeated the answer of the first group: The earth is made up of 3 spheres. 
Kinza loudly said "No". 
"What is the answer then?" I asked. 
"Sir, last time you said, earth is made up of 3 spheres. But in the book, our group discovered that the earth is made up of continents"
I laughed aloud and later applauded and celebrated her wit. But I never forget to explain her that, if earth is made of continents only, then it forms one sphere i.e. lithosphere. I reminded her of being more rich and truth in telling that earth is made up of three spheres.  

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