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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Thu Drub Gang

17kilometres away towards Gasa from Punakha stands a small village called Kabjisa. Locals wouldn’t by design use Kabjisa as their village tag, but prefers to use as “Eusakha”.
Legend has it that, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the founder of the Dual System in Bhutan resided here for meditation. As he was undergoing a serious and profound meditation, the Lam Kha Nga [Five religious sects] who dwelled on the opposite slope, smelt his presence.
The group is said to have made a conspiracy to murder Zhabdrung. Zhabdrung already knew that he was on the target list but paid no heed for their attempt. Rather he consolidated his meditation more vigorously. 
Standing myself in front of the Thu Drub Gang Lhakhang
One evening, the Lam Kha Nga has tried to plant their evil plan into reality. But before they could do something to the Zhabdrung rimpochhe, locals say that he has attained a strange supernatural powerful through a series of deep meditation. The history has in store that many unusual incidents took place. The Zhabdrung who was just using some Torma to be disposed into the direction of Lam Kha Nga and a dorji [a thunderbolt] went out of his meditation room. As he stepped outside, a stone appeared from the ground creating a space to keep those stuffs. The stone is still visible today.
The Zhabdrung already predicted that if he doesn’t attempt to set his meditation power into something real, the Lam Kha Nga might pose a serious threat to the locals. So as he planned to dispose his torma in the direction of the Lam Kha Nga the next morning, it is said that the Lam Kha Nga pledged the Zhabdrung to spare them. Since he has foreseen the future predicament and his preparations begun, he is said to have thrown the torma. Locals have a say that, a big rock made into two halves, is still seen near the place where Lam Kha Nga dwelt after the torma was disposed.
After this magical religious event, a place is known as Thu Drub Gang [a place where meditation appeared auspicious signs]. A temple built by Zhabdrung still stands today and houses a statue of Zhabdrung, believed to have uttered some words. The lhakhang is known by the name Thu Drub Gang. Later, few houses surrounded the lhakhang and appeared like a new village, hence the name Eusakha. At the backside of it, a big pema gaser tree, with a trunk in a shape of dorji stands. It is believed to have Zhabdrung's walking stick. 
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A huge pema Gaser tree trunk in a shape of Thunderbolt
This lhakhang is worth visiting. Anybody, wishing to pay visit may kindly contact me. I am all set to provide a detailed roadmap and guidance.  

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