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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Universal Law of Consistency

Kopmeyer (2006) says you can harvest only what you plant. It is the universal law of consistency.
Like begets like. This is a ruling scientific rule. A deer will give neither a cub nor a colt but a fawn only. Homo sapiens will reproduce its own species.
If you know how to clothe your friend with an umbrella during rain, the same friend might shower when you struggle in the mist of heat.
Give people love. Give them trust. Give them opinion. Give them life. Give them music, rhythm, play, food and all. After all, these are some of the basic necessities that every human crave for. And it will return the way or better than we give.  
I often heard, when you give, you get more. To earn respect, offer reverence to others. Respect has a bipolar exists.
When people do a work, small or big, reinforce them. Giving reinforcements do not reduce the level of capacity for the giver but, it possibly will shrink the enthusiasm, if not given to the doer. If given timely, it irons wrinkles of crave and thirst for others in doing something better. It licenses a person that whatever his/her accomplishment performed is commendable and excellent.   
Robin Sharma succinctly said, “Praise to me, is like a sun. The more you give away, the more everything around you toward you". 
It is very natural that the more seeds we sow, the more plants we will see in our garden and vice versa. But, many of us being an unenlightened human being, we expect a good harvest without sowing good seeds. We anticipate huge return in our saving accounts without having deposited. 
I witnessed the truth of this principle, the universal law of consistency. A good leader who always pay respect to his subordinates and is vigilant of their presence, accepts their voice and share their pain is considerably respected by his fellow-mates of the organization. His/her popularity is spread like a wild conflagration.The team of that organization is always prepared to race for a newer challenge. Even a handicapped and crippled employee would not turn back to marathon under such leaders. This is universal law of consistency. 
They know, no matter what level of capacity they possess, their boss is always with them. They carry a hidden statue of their leader's image and gallop for the challenge.They live with an invincible hope that, if they fail, their leaders share the part.They believe in rowing a same ship.If they sink, leaders drown as well. 
On the contrary, if a boss is conservative and aloof, the attendants working under his/her supervision do not hesitate to shun their rooms too. They do not mind closing the eyes when things fall apart. They are not hungry for the praise because, they feel that the stomach of their heart is already filled with the ignorance of superiors.And this is where organizations rot, decay and emit foul smell of lesser accomplishments. This is the universal law of consistency.  

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