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Thursday, June 20, 2013

That Clean is Dirty

The manager of an organization is a key to unlock the potential of employees, working under an umbrella of his administration. His influence is so magical that, things done either positive or negative would reproduce an equal ripple in leaps and bounds.
He has the capacity to thunder the sound of his organization’s performance and make it heard beyond hills. He can unimaginably slogan their pride of existence beyond the space. And no wonder there is also an equal platform alike that when things are running in an unusual direction, it does not care to create a vacuum inhibiting further growth or a close the wall completely.  
I have often read and heard that an organization blooms when managers are preferably good listeners. A good manager leads a group without a title. They do not sprint for power and title. A good manager is never hungry for their selfish gains. They see every subordinate like a close family member. And interestingly, a good manager share the pain of others and celebrates the joys as well.
But few people playing a major role never realize this truth taking place. Hungry for the selfish motive are always ready to lick the dirty smelly shoe of their immediate boss. They do not care if the one below them like the way they prefer. 
These people are "running up stairs and running down people" as Baruch remarked. If there is growth for them, it does not bother whether other subordinates get enough light of recognition.When a person of higher profile visits, they lift their cruel weighty heart, like a few gram weights to show off their  being in action and dynamic. They want others see clean. And so does they remain clean for those calculated time periods. Isn't that clean dirty? 
I hate this clean. And that clean is really disgusting. That clean is dirty.
[NOTE: He referred above is gender-less. Hence, the term includes both the sexes. This is purely instituted to reduce the monotony for readers and for author’s convenience.]  

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