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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A chromatophoric Social Animal

Studies have a say that, an Octopus, a carnivorous marine mollusk with eight long tentacles has one salient feature that doesn't let it go hungry 24/7. Its body comprises of special cells called chromatophores, which can enable its own body camouflage with the environment. This process enables the octopus to easily catch its prey at its own disposal.
However, the researchers so far, have not proven that human beings do have one of such kind. But, through my telescopic interactions, I discovered one in Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital. But this time it was an omnivorous octopus in the ENT section.  The so-called specialist exemplified the best human chromatophoric phenomenon. Her tissues could blend with the kind of patients being referred to her.
After having selected to under the Masters Degree in Science and Technology, as officially conducted, we were asked to complete the medical formalities. In the hospital, after paying Nu.450, a personal in the registration section informed us that all medical formalities would be completed except ENT that does not remain during off-hour clinic unless special cases are referred. So, we were advised to visit the next day but only to hear that specialists are involved in Operation Theater.
My friends and I returned on the third day and happily were the first to wait in queue. But suddenly, a man notably of wealth might or relation valor pulled the door and entered. The incomplete closure of the door blew their prolonged talk outside which was insanely non-medical.
Following his delay departure, I was forced by my friends to inquire her about our scholarship medical modus operandi. Instantly, her snarling mouth exhaled the flames of unrealistic post-mortem of our visit. We knew she might have been acclimatized to such medical formalities and so demand fewer specific details but, was just paradoxical.
As she saw us, the glow of her smiles that existed few minutes ago withered. We understood she was undergoing a swift metachrosis. Her words pricked us with the thorns of humiliation. It wasn't patient-friendly. That scene of her drama (had there been in the history) would have begged the Best Oscar Award for Villains Role Female. Even the rosary of our modest words failed to track through the ear of that specialist.
I personally gave my best to dilute every bit of her acidic words with the fluid of understanding from our patience cells. I only wanted to iron the wrinkles of shortfalls and lapses that prevailed, which if cleared would help us make timely submission of our medical documents.  
Sometimes, when people on power show an octopusian character like this, a poor teacher like me suddenly makes me think of lacking acute moral education. People really have to take pain in schooling their attitude and attest better human behavior.

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