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Monday, June 24, 2013

It isn’t GNHising

The tsunami of politics has made its footprint everywhere in our country now. It has flooded online forums and captured live the front pages of every media. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has attained their political puberty because everything has now become politics, making us experience the weird Politics Season.
I am neither an expert nor a scholar. But, I truly feel, when we are in dire need of heat at the abdomen, we warm our face. Politics is a brand new commodity into Bhutanese soil. We have just been five years old consuming it. We still aren’t certain if it is efficiently painting good walls in the mind of fellow Bhutanese. And just like me, there are still thousands who are really gobbled up by the confusions and insurmountable fuss of politics.

Today, nobody is hesitant to criticize, defame, pollute, insult, slander, libel, denigrate, deprecate, disparage, offend, vilify or for that matter expose unreliable issues that walks over the bridge of royal prerogative and nation’s sovereignty so comfortably, all in the name of politics. Hidden faces flood Medias and websites with unrealistic substances. The used-to-be loyal and humbled Bhutanese candidates do not hesitate to trade horrific verbal blows even on national telecast and injure their mind as well as wound the spectators.

Sometime, somewhere, I believe illiterates will demonstrate and slogan to bring back our Monarchy, because it’s the best form of government in Bhutan. The world will laugh at Bhutan and her people because, we are GNH inhabitants. Because the way politicians debate, people critic and party’s tell about their party isn’t GNHising.

Even at an early age of politics, we show the symptoms of cancer that dwelled for thousands of years. A political infant like me cannot predict where will Bhutan tread, should this trend be allowed to drive with full fuel in it? Sometimes, I am not worried simply because we have the most farsighted monarch in the world that is noble, young and capable, industrious and mindful. None of us is at this time spared to wonder because the way they drive their political ship isn’t pleasant in the ocean of Bhutanese minds. Although, we have a profound leadership Guru, His Majesty the King, but only few scantily duplicate his personality. By some other means, the way they play in the political ground isn’t GNHising. The way critics’ critic isn’t GNHising.

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