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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

29th out of 106

This is a single piece of day in every year where the entire Bhutanese family can perfectly commemorate the political muscle of our late His Majesty the first Druk Galpo Ugyen Wangchuck.
History has taught me the true color of his courage in unification and consolidation of the nation at a time when it was sustaining with scars of series of civil wars and rebellions. For many a times, it was bedridden with the injuries of the internal scuffles that further worsen the stability by creating a durable political vacuum. 
But fortunately, the so-called Lho Mon (Southern Land of Darkness) was destined to have a leader of its own race. On 17th December, 1907, the 12th Trongsa Penlop and the Knight Commander (an order of chivalry established by Queen Victoria in 1878) Ugyen Wangchuck was unanimously enthroned by the clergy, senior officials and the people as the first hereditary monarch of Bhutan. 
Today, this day is celebrated as the National Day of Bhutan. 
Unlike the celebrations that takes place in other countries, Bhutanese setting of jubilation is completely on a different note. 
This day has prominently given birth to an immortal Wangchuck Dynasty. It has securely established the permanent House of Wangchuck. The founding of the Royal house is an assurance that The land of the Thunder Dragon will be gifted with Dragon Kings who are farsighted, compassionate and powerful at all times beyond compare. 
Besides, due to the policy of a self-imposed isolation, it makes us exhibit our pride to the entire globe for being free from the hands of colonization for many centuries. We need not have to add up in the menu of celebration to pay homage or tribute for the lives lost in fighting to gain independence, which is a ritual on their national day in many nations . On this day, injected with gallons of triumph, we simply revisit the pages of our unforgettable history. And this year, we read 106 pages of this legendary history. 
In number, I am proud to have walked 29 pages of this jubilant national function. However, the same ordinary festivity this year has given me an extraordinary dose of euphoria because I happened to tread on a different planet. 
The group of Bhutanese studying in different universities in Thailand parked into the office of the Bhutanese Embassy. It was a moment where I felt homely because in every direction, I could feast on people adorned with unique Bhutanese gho and kira. That was one chapter of my life where I didn't miss my home. 
I was swimming in the fragrance of a Bhutanese circle. I was laughing on the carpet of Bhutanese humors. And stunningly, I have murdered the used-to-be delay face of 8 hours without a notice. Indeed, a great day. 
Looking fresh??? Jus got out from the room at 6:30 AM
My friends wanted to give a pose.
My friend Rinchen is addicted to meditation. He can do this by standing.   
Sonam sir, never make fun. Jampel does not like it when it is too hot with that thaerma gho
BSA President in a marchang ceremony in front of Ambassador Dasho Nima Wangdi

"Sir,please taste suja"- Karma Wangmo. "I don't think they will like our taste" -Kinley Wangmo

Auw Namgay, please take more dressi. No one is watching you but only this camera
Since my childhood I was never afraid to lead the group for such programs: Eating
The yoga guru Rinchen is giving the shot  
Wrap up session with Alaybay...
Ambassador delivering his last words before the departure 
This time the sun made me to meditate instead of my friend Rinchen
Since I am from Pema Gatshel, my friends made me to imitate Khotsa in Tshering Meto
The post graduate candidates from Ministry of Health

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  1. Happy new year Dumcho. And wish other friends success in their course. Enjoy!



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