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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Are you the AGENT of Change?

Today, the Transparency International (TI) released a 2013 Corruption Perception Index (CPI). A total of 177 countries have been listed in the survey report.
A non-governmental organization, TI is founded in Germany in 1993. Currently, it assumes a role of an international non-profit organization that publishes CPI annually.
Our country Bhutan was ranked 33 last year. And this year, she has trodden two steps ahead but with the same points of 63 like the previous year. It is sharing with Cyprus at the rank 31 against 177 countries that are enlisted. 
2013 Corruption Perception Index ranking. (To see other countries, click HERE)  
While there is a reason to grin of its mount to a less corruption ladder, we still have many more factors that should ruin the laugh to celebrate.
Bhutan is a small nation often trademarked to the international stage as the Last Shangri-La. And to qualify this attribute to a real Bhutan, an innocent citizen like me feels that much needs to be done.    
This doesn’t mean that we remain stagnant to curb corruption. The Anti-Corruption Commission established under the Royal Decree in 2005 executes a splendid trade by battling with its weapon of intolerance. Yet, there are some barren spaces for its citenzry to step in and fight corruption. After all, combating corruption is a collective responsibility.
This year, the TI has initiated a forum for the youths to express on how they can assist to end corruption. Emenike, a youth activist, writer and teacher from Nigeria was invited to accept his award for the TI’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations for his capturing semi-fictional story.    
There is no technology in his article. Every illiterate can operate its meaning. And the most mind blowing feature is his actions which every one of us can do to curb corruption.  
He has resolved to be the Agent of Change, no matter what. 
So to feed my readers, I have managed to clip his messages here in my blog. But fearing to distort his beautifully laden lyrics, I have quit explaining. 

After reading, ask yourself: Are you the Agent of Change?  
The message from the Youth Activist Emenike
Emenike. Winner of Transparency International's 20th Anniversary Youth Writing Competition 
“In order to fight corruption, you have to recognize it as a problem first. Then you must make the decision to change”- Ugoh Wilson Emenike, Nigeria. Winner of the Transparency International’s 20th Anniversary Youth Writing Competition. 


  1. i believe to the quoted statement.... mostly corruption happens for the happiness of children so if children avoid the gift from parents knowing that was resulted from the corruption acts it will helps in becoming corruption free society later to the country

    1. Thank you Sangay for the comments.
      I also feel the way you did. Hope things will turn for the better.
      Thank you for your kind visit.



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