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Saturday, June 7, 2014

H is for His Holiness Factor

I have heard of this holiest dharma king of the Nyingma (the oldest of the 4 major schools in Tibetan Buddhism) lineage since my childhood but never had a chance to offer my prayers in his audience. And during those moments when my friends shared their impressions of seeing him, I used to sit idly and shed the sweat of feeling LESS fortunate.
But surprisingly, today, I had a privilege to have an audience with the living Guru Rinpoche (The precious master).
His Holiness Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche Tubten Trinle Pal Zangpo, the head of the Longchen Nyingthig tradition is believed to be the incarnation of Guru Rinpoche, a Buddhist saint who was born from the lotus blossom floating in Lake Dhanakosha in present day Swat Valley of Pakistan. 
His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche
His birth as prophesised by the 5th Dzogchen Rinpoche Tubten Chokyi Dorje, His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche IV was born in the Golok province of Dokham in Eastern Tibet in 1927. At the very young age of 4, His Holiness was enthroned at the Dodrupchen monastery. He is a religious master who has received the full empowerment and transmission of the Nyingtik Yabshyi and Longchen Nyingtik by Khenpo Kunpal and has received teachings from many other religious personalities. His Holiness has fled to Sikkim in India after an incessant political unrest in Tibet in the year 1957.
His Holiness has visited Bhutan on an invitation of His Majesty the 4th King in the early 1980s. Since then, His Holiness has restored and revived so many Nyingma monasteries in eastern parts of Bhutan. Youngla Goenpa (his main seat) and Tsebar Thonphu Goenpa which is located in my district Pema Gatshel, are considered enormously sacred because it was where His Holiness spent most of his time. The people of Chongshing (my village) are so blessed that His Holiness has personally visited to establish and consecrate the cremation ground for the funeral rites to be held thereafter. In Buddhism, it is esteemed with the highest value and believe that somebody cremated in such places are always blessed and will have less samsaric sufferings. I feel myself blessed because I belong to that village. 
Myself, Tshering Tshomo and Jigme Dorji
However, today, the feelings of being blessed is beyond measure. There would not be any legitimate device to gauge the fathomless sea of happiness in which I swam today. At this time, when I was into deep psychological debt due to the horrific academic and social pressure, granting an audience with His Holiness has healed all those pains and further gave me a spiritual boosts to move forward. The bone marrows of feeling alone and quarantined were completely gunned down with a new spiritual medication and made me realize that I was walking on cloud 9.
Now, after I arrived home, I sat idly and shed the sweat of feeling MORE fortunate. The whole equation of my happiness has augmented. Thanks to His Holiness Factor.
Thank you Jigme Dorji, Tshewang Namgyel and Tshering Tshomo for passing me the baton of information immediately. The sacred and timely toss has enabled me to race and meet the rarest holy figure living on this earth. The kindness you have shown is sincerely noted. 
“The task of religion is not to turn us into proper believers; it is to deepen the personal within us, to embrace the power of life, to expand our consciousness, in order that we might see things that eyes do not normally see” -– John Shelby Spong


  1. Wow...that is truly amazing...I'm sure you will remember this wonderful experience for the rest of your life.
    Such rare and precious experiences really do change us for the better - I am convinced of that.
    I am so happy for you!
    And thank you so much for sharing your thoughts...:)

    1. Ygraine,
      Thank you for reading the post. I was lucky to be blessed by a high Buddhist saint living in this century.

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  3. Dear sir,

    You write so beautifully sir. Yours is full of glamor and rich in social messages. A wonderful peace. But even more beautiful factor indeed is his Holiness factor, :) I always seek immeasurable solace and blessings from His Holiness, day in and day out. I am one of the the more-fortunate to have received his audience on several occasions! Tsa Wai Kheno!

    Keep writing and enjoy your stay in the land of smiles.


    Fellow Pema Gatshelpa and ex-School Mate!

    1. Thank you Pema for the comments. Nice to see your page too. I have also joined your page.



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