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Saturday, June 21, 2014

J is for Johnny-on-the-spot

The tweet from an Honorable Chairperson of the National Council Dasho (Dr) Sonam Kinga regarding the recent pay hike appears as a financial Johnny-on-the-spot to the life of a common citizenry.

NC decided to abide by their recommendation on pay revision and defer our pay revision until expenditure rationalization measures identified by the government are implemented and realized”, tweeted Dr.Kinga at  

While majority have gestured with an open arm to embrace the tweet with a pregnant satisfaction, a few have even reacted to him asking whether it was a unilateral decision. To this he has replied otherwise. Yet, some comments have also interrogated him whether that by his tweet, would mean National Council members refusing the share of pay hike or simply uphold the principle?

Whatever it maybe, to see whether his stand holds water is to wait till July. But what impacted from his words is that, it clothed like an official dressing to the wounds of thousands that are already rubbed with the salts of inflation. It still gives a sea of hope that the words from the very peak seat of another legislative body might help to level the uneven ground of the endorsed pay hike. There would be certainly 2 integers of interpretation for his tweets.

1. Should it appear as a success, it will certainly boost the existence and importance of National Council in the minds of electorally-rural voters and therefore can possibly churn out large voter turnout or at least more than the previous report, realizing the importance of National Council. 

2.  The hazardous impact is that, if the words from another law making body which is already leaked out and flooded in the social media is not respected, to many, it might literally telecast as a homemade video of power tussle between the people elected law making bodies.  

Since I am neither an economist nor a financial expert, I am handicapped to critic about the pay hike with the reasons that have an economic taste. But this is not a complicated story. We do not need any subtitles to understand it. 

But, the flames of our hopes are still burning that this simple story be understood by our lawmakers through the lens of our eyes and not with theirs. More specifically, we hope that the words from the National Council come as financial Johnny-on-the-spot in reality.   

“I have come to a conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”- Charles De Gaulle


  1. Still with A-Z challenge? Politics is dirty and annoying anyways~~

  2. I totally agree...political power in just a few hands is a dangerous thing.
    TRUE democracy is the safest way, but, sadly, is still often open to abuse by those in authority...:/

    I suppose all we can do is cast our vote, and hope we've made the right choice!

    1. Thank you Ygraine for reading my post. It has been long that I dint post and read your pages.



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