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Sunday, September 7, 2014

P is for "Pell-Mell"

I really want to weep because of this strain
But not by sitting on the dirty drain
Or by hiding somewhere behind the train
Nor I will cry in the rain
Because my tears will be in vain
And onlookers will feel no pain;
Though I don't want them to gain
The pain that flows through the vein
After feeding on the entire brain,
The organ which we consider the main;
Now, I feel I am already slain
Although I am resting on a window pane
With my right hand still holding a pen
And the left with a notebook which is plain.
The only solution is to pull the mane (Photo courtesy: Click LINK)
I ain't sure how to free from this chain
But I know, I am forced to remain
And to others, I try to maintain
That I am not turning insane
Though such agony is difficult to restrain
Even after being a matured man;
Sometimes, I wish I can complain
About the toxin that it contain
And the severity of this sprain
But I can, only if I abuse cocaine
Which I think is just inane
And something that I always disdain
So, the only solution I retain
Is to weep by pulling my mane.
“It’s not the load that BREAKS you down, it’s the way you carry it” – LOUHOLTZ


  1. Nice write up with nice rhyming word man.

  2. Eloquently composed. Loved going through albeit seeing stain of pain in every line. Hope you get out of this quagmire soon. Thanks Dumcho Sir. Tk care.

    1. Sangay sir thank you for visiting my page and dropping the comments. I hope to get out of it very soon.



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