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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

W is for When FAKE is made REAL

Media today is so dominant that it can easily shift the rider of human interpretations even to the extremes of both positive and negative integers based on the substance of its report. It is one primary source of information for the folks of this 21st century. So when the reports are not grounded on the rosary of truths, it has every capacity to build the walls and disintegrate even the world’s tiniest fraction of family or the society. It is one literary muscle that can easily manage to trigger a war either through fabrication or falsification of words. 
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The recent NDTV report about an Indian girl killed and raped in Bhutan, which was factually incorrect as local reports claim, has sparked off a social turmoil and unexpected turbulence in the border town of Bhutan. As soon as it appeared in a miscarriage form, that fictional report of an esteemed Indian commercial broadcast has penetrated the walls of the social media. Reports say that this erroneous and misleading information was a threat to life and limb of a symbiotic relationship predominant across the border lines. The usual traffic is said to have shut down on the grounds of blazing reactions from the people across the border. The degree of consequences, as reported through the Bhutanese national newspaper Kuensel, was too costly that more than 6000 mob damaged and dented the automobiles belonging to the Bhutanese.
As a concerned citizen, I share this deep concern of the welfare of our people dwelling in the southern part of our kingdom. There is certainly a ray of hope that the officials concerned can gauge the purity of this report. Otherwise, these nations that boasts on sharing a masterpiece of diplomatic relations almost on every summit is paradoxical. The people on either side should be held accountable, if the information is truly misleading and liable for engendering an emotional and psychological resentments of the common people living in the vicinity.
“The media, itself an arm of mega-corporate power, feeds the fear industry so that people are primed like pumps to support wars on rumor, innuendo, legends, and lies”- Mumia Abu-Jamal

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