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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Z is for Zillionaire’s Wife

I saw a young lady with her two sons between me
And a huge man who was sipping an ice lemon tea,
The ignorant youngest was occupied eating a pea
While the eldest begging, pointing at his injured knee
Their shy mother was searching for a spot to flee
Because the begging trumpet drew the crowd to see
All at once, they came humming like a bee.
A drunken then whined: “Such an outcry from this wee!
“Shut your lips or else I shall in your mouth, pee?”
The crowd burst into a sneering laughter with a deceitful glee.
Which I hated this drama, full of scornful adult whee
So I rested mute and still, like a calm evening sea.
But the child, holding my leg started chanting his plea
His scared mother was then, I found, restless as flea
And I overheard, “Son, please don’t beg him for a fee,
Listen, your mama will find for you, please agree”
A confused child rather cried, “No, I want to go to a jamboree”
This bothered me to find out what troubles these three
And my pained heart became their problem’s abductee.
Then I heard, “Take our boys where they used to be”
“I will sent him to jamboree, for now take this key”
Shocked! It was the drunken, dropping it on the floor, free
The shy lady collects with her timid hand soiled with ghee   
And puts in her pink bag, assuming it was seen by nobody
A man behind me murmurs, “Why does she face such cruelty?
“Although she is still at teens, elegant and cutey?”
But one cried, “She is but a zillionaire’s newbie,
Trapped into his wealth and status that was all dewy,
Life as such may not have been dreamt or didn’t foresee
From such a powerful money producing honeybee”
I learnt, wealth is not everything for you, me, they or we
But I know moneyed will still to a certain degree
Say the otherwise and disagree.  
“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”- Jim Elliot 


  1. Very wise words here, Dumcho...there are far greater values in life than wealth.
    Jim Elliot's quote really does say it all!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.:)

  2. Nice composition man. keep sharing always lopen Damcho.

  3. Hi Dumcho, I wanted to stop by and thank you for your nice comment that you left on my blog, have a great day ;)

    1. You are welcome. The words in your site are inspiring.

  4. Indeed there are far greater values than wealth1

  5. I can't agree more than your words. Thanks Linda



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