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Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Enabling Conditions?

For over some months, numerous inevitable factors have cocooned and fenced my energy and enthusiasm to work on my dreams to a dead full stop. And consequently, each day, it became a ritual for me to amputuate the limbs of my dream that was woven many moons ago. Regrettably by now, most of my resolutions are at standstill. 
This process of amputating my dreams all started after I got the new placement on my return from the studies.  A great deal of stuffs has to be removed from my resolution basket owing to an inescapable tempest of disappointment triggered due to this dreadful posting. A series of my professional plans and activities have suffered a huge massacre, let aside the burial of my personal imaginings. In a simplest equation, it became a bedrock cause to engulf all the ‘enabling conditions’ for me to execute my plans, both professional and personal. 
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Today, I have learnt that just having a sketch for myriads of plan to do something is never sufficient. Domestic comfort is absolutely necessary if one wish to deliver the best of our professional services to the optimum level. Otherwise, when one is deprived of such luxuries, even in the timid heart of a poor man, the seed of hostility and imperviousness grows. So, it is vital for one to have those enabling conditions to make the pictures of our dreams transpire to a full life. Enabling conditions are indeed equivalent to the salt in the curry of fulfilling one’s dream. 
However, when those enabling conditions have to pass through the teeth of people on the power and greed, even the strongest fibres of the blueprint to do something either suffer from a fatal bite or croak undigested. And such abortion of plans due to those external threat are so painful and disgusting. 
I have survived those fatal bites for the last 8 years in the service. I am, even at this present moment, sustaining it. I have echoed my dreams of growing tall to those powerful ‘responsible ears’, to which few heard but ignored, while some turned a cold shoulder. But each phase of those dramas are all scripted into the library of my memory, which one day, will feature in a form of a fiction.
As of now, I am enduring with wounded dreams, praying to the Almighty to grant me an enabling condition, at least to enable me, craft those factual stories of mine to a fiction- after all, all fictions are based on facts.     
“Success is a science; if you have conditions, you get the result”- Oscar Wilde.


  1. Nice thought...its all true as long as there is science there will be

  2. I am sorry. I hope you find a safer, more productive space.

  3. Damcho Sir I understand what type an enabling environment you are looking for, yet sir everything happens for good. On one fine day you will be bestowed with perfect environment to grow professionally, personally and socially.

  4. Oh Dumcho, I really feel for you.
    To be stuck, with your fondest dreams stifled, must be not only frustrating in the extreme, but also infuriating.
    You have worked so hard to realise your dream...and I honestly believe that someday you will achieve it.
    You truly deserve it, my friend.

    Sending you many positive sincerest friendship. :))

  5. Sometimes facts are stranger than fiction. I just remembered that line reading this post. :)
    Oh, what can i say? I'm also searching for my right environment.

    I think the safest thing to do is follow your heart. :)

    Happy weekend!



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