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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Centre fruit Ambassadors

Many a times, when I am out for a shopping spree, I end up receiving centre fruit - the most ubiquitous Indian-made chewing gum in our indigenous marketplace- in exchange of my balance money. When I am on a roller coaster ride of ‘retail therapy’, I don’t even mind brooming all those colourful tasty rubber  from the counter table and instead, entomb those incidents into the wallet of forgotten stories.
Because there’s nothing that we can do at our own disposal, it is by far, easier and cheaper to fall prey to this formulaic business ethos of accepting the colonization by gum money. Our native retailers and entrepreneurs have largely consumed this as a commercial right ever since our coins or (the less usage of currency with lower denominations) vanished into thin air from circulation in the economy.
In the nations abroad, the primary lifeline of the economy and of course the delivery of various public services are sustained by the obtainability of huge volumes of coins. Transactions are rapid, businesses are swept, and service deliveries are elegant, since the value of money, either to be paid or received, can be easily translated by using the coins. But in our marketing picture, in the absence of having no coins or denominations that can substitute our exchange, we either risk in surrendering the commodities, thereby triggering the anger dynamite of the shopkeepers, or wait for them or run our self to nearby shops and persons to rescue us in finding convertible payable amount.If the use of the coins in our business fair are still prevalent, the purpose of minting our coins will be served besides aiding to reserve its flow and make it visible for all the generations. It is nevertheless, acceptable for this generation to know that the Bhutanese coins existed, but it would be painful that the forthcoming generations would not even hear of its fateful existence, let alone seeing it. 
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So, till the homecoming of our coins into the theatre of economy, the salespersons can dance on their feet as an ardent Centre fruit ambassadors, either by design or by accident. While it is certain that the gum money given to compensate our balance money cannot be used to purchase the goods even from that same shop where we obtained it, as a customer, the least we can do is to forcefully never forget the revolutionary story of centre fruit progress, in terms of its color, size and taste.
“God is not against money, He is against the money being used outside His purposes”- Sunday Adelaia


  1. What an interesting perspective. I cannot see it taking on here, but money plays a big, big part of our culture. Too big I think.

  2. You brought the very concerning topic into light which I had been thinking from quite a long ago now. It's very disheartening to see that our coins which ought to, yet isn't playing any role in our economy, anymore. Perhaps, this might be on reason, why our country is not making much progress in economy status compared to our neighbour, India.

    Once, I also wrote on the pertinent topic.

  3. Ya! Change mee tey, is the statement the sales executive puts it proudly. And we as humble customers accepts it and become the recipient of center fruit. Blame the accommodating nature of the Bhutanese, I'd say. Which of course had its ripple effect on the economy.

    Having said that, this is a very thoughtful post Dumcho sir. I can see that you are relieved from your hospital bed and back to everyday chores now. Keep posting. :)

  4. I remember getting candies too when they don't have enough coins for my change. Some say it's business strategy but which we shouldn't accept. Because when you think about it, they wouldn't allow us to pay with candies or goodies too if we don't have enough money.



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