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Friday, October 2, 2015

Jealousy OR Territorial?

One moment when I was lunching with my colleagues, as usual, we swam into the sea of schmooze. As many of us would proceed to spice the conversation so that it gives an electrifying flavor, our tongues swept every matters related to our life thereby, leaving almost everything barely unexposed. From wealth to power, fortune to talents, infatuation to love, hook-ups to break-ups, and of course, marriages and divorces were the main seasoning that gave the true extra zing.
But of all those things, we chattered more on ‘JEALOUSY’- an emotional malfunction caused due to the deficiency of a wise wisdom. A series of debate sprung, each time punctuated with our own reasoning and justifications as to why one should have or not have jealousy.
Having observed the tsunamic wave of consequences caused due to jealousy, we settled that the impulse of getting jealous should be weeded from the garden of our mind to the best possible, which in reality is taxing. Jealousy, either for good or bad intention transpire in our mind only when we want something that isn’t really ours, be it wealth, opportunities, status or prestige. So, when it grows in our mind, it clouds our judgement, making everything around us seemingly insecure and threatening which necessarily may not be. Due to this ripple effect, psychologically, our mind is often modified to be like a pressurized cabin to harbor an attitude of extreme possessiveness which further worsens the nature of our mind because we become ugly, resentful and judgmental of the good things around.  
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Even in the working environment, the muscle of jealousy has an ability to irreparably clot and freeze the relationship of any sort. While its prevalence is commonly known and identified as incurable, reduction of its growth is quoted to be possible.
Of many alternatives, one key to limit jealousy is being territorial. Territorial is protecting what is already ours. It is largely a matured instinct that will define the rightful ownership and make possessive of what is really our own. For instance, being aggressive for the opportunity that comes in our name and suddenly someone walks away with, is being territorial, not jealousy. This is one common flaw I observed in almost all the organizations, letting to an abrupt emergence of conflictions in the system.
But at times, being territorial in a place ruled by the people polluted with the dusts of jealousy, is often the most difficult task to navigate their mind into the world free of it.
“I am not jealous, but when something is mine…, it’s mine”- Anonymous


  1. Jealousy is, like most of the negative emotions, almost always counterproductive. Except when jealousy/envy incites us to try and make a different in our own lives.

  2. There's a greatness in how you see the world...

  3. Jealously doesn't get you anywhere... it leaves you feeling like you lack things... your wrote a very good article here... Personally I think we all need to rethink that mentality that we want what others have and start being grateful for what we do have xox

  4. I think jealousy steams from our insecurity. When you're confident of who you are and you know you have enough, I'm sure jealous will not have a place in your heart.

    Great writing. :)



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