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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Realizing that the life is not a dress rehearsal...

‘Life is not a bed of roses’ they say. Yet few proclaims that without adversity, it has no flavor of adventures because, it is that ugly travel which at times trip us to a beautiful part of our life’s destination. But it is also due to that rough sail that wears and tears our passion to live by and acid tests the positive mindsets towards living our life.
However, realizing that ‘life isn’t a dress rehearsal’, I lived it. And eventually I survived the stormy sails of these many years, and precisely the 2015, nonetheless. The voyage was certainly harsh as the thorny part of the journey deflated almost every sphere of my dreams.
While I knew that there is nothing such as happy endings or life sans hardships in this temporary existence, such weather of journey has rather been a permanent forecast for me due to its recurrent occurrence for quite a long time now. Every so often, life has impulsively thrown me a thread of clueless questions that either perfectly dint work with any of my therapy or ransomed solutions that were just beyond my capacity. But in all case, I managed to triumph over those adversities that came by, though sustaining with mental bruises of frustration so as to achieve a poignant victory.
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I have certainly collected many beads of woeful memories that is suffice to make one rosary of harrowing reminiscences. Also, a myriad of stories have been stacked up in the archive of my little memory that each line can indeed qualify to toss yet another layer of a narrative.
But seriously, realizing that life isn’t a dress rehearsal, I drank up every cup of a little joy I could buy with the currency of my tinsel luck. I have ironed my feelings of being less and knew that it is also possible to be happy with less (Though arguably, it was by far easier to be happy with more). I kept tab on, to harness and glue the pieces of my courage to survive my life on its own design.  
And the last but foremost, I dint want to quit sculpturing my feelings into words and hoard it in the museum of my blog. That’s the reason I started to pour in my feelings after sheltering for a pretty 2 months stint.  
“In the end, people will judge you anyways. Don’t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself” – Eunice Camacho Infante


  1. The dark days make the sunshine and the rainbows even more valuable.

  2. Yes, it is always better to live as yourself...truly...
    Nice post.

    1. In the world that is polluted with the dust of the hell's smell, it is increasingly taxing to hold on our own identity. But I am making it go my own way. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Well, you certainly felt and understood what I meant... it is hard to see the joy sometime when it feels as if all we have is is there though, it is within us from every challenge we have survived and came through a better person... very good post Dumcho xox



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