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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Found Home but Lost the World

At times, even with the fertile mind to write, a cultivation of writing is narrowly possible in a place where the network receptivity is eccentrically sterile. At such circumstances, to keep that same wick of thirst constantly burning is undeniably grueling.
I had a basketful of wish lists to accomplish at home before I returned from my studies. But my place of posting has painfully strangulated all those sprouts of my plans. Some limbs of the dreams had to be either removed or made to wither and shrink of its own, while a large part of it had to horribly sustain with the hailstorm of incessant miscarriages and failures.
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Most agonizingly, that momentum of keeping in touch with my colleagues, students, kith and kin, fellow bloggers in and around the world and some close readers, dissolved without a trace. A friend of mine has humorously inboxed me, “Which part of the world are you in?” Another wrote, “The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has warned to remove those dormant accounts. You are in the list”.
This seems funny but if truth be told, I was strangely forced to hibernate inside the cocoon of dormancy. The feelings I engrave and the sentiments I endure, which are generally expressed in the form of words could not be shared and communicated due to the sterile technological exit ticket- the internet. No matter how more I wish and think positive, that same amount of frustrations engulf me. When the flames of my passion gets blown-off, though forcefully, that’s the time, when I don’t attempt to fuel it or regrow it, ultimately distancing from my social rings. That’s the time when I feel that when I found my home, I have lost the world.
“Keeping in touch with the people that matter is important” – G Eazy   


  1. So sorry to hear you are having so many problems with the internet, Dumcho.
    It really is so frustrating...believe me, I know!
    My computer crashed yesterday and was totally unusable for 24 hours. Now, as you can see, it is up and running again...but still keeps glitching is a very slow process to connect to my friends and fellow bloggers.

    Oh I do hope things improve for you, my friend.
    Please do try to stay positive...we all care for you so much...and will wait...:)

  2. Oh gosh I can so understand the struggle of internet and technical problems. Most frustrating when you're working and you lose your momentum.

    I hope your problem gets fixed so you can get in touch with people who matter to you, also so you can do your work online.



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