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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Challenges of Anthropocene

The recent international conference on “Challenges of the Anthropocene” held at Sherubtse College was undoubtedly a brilliant educational setting for the researchers, academicians and scholars to exchange and deliberate the dominant human invasion on Earth’s geology and the ecosystem.
As we live at the crossroads of the accelerating yet annihilating anthropogenic activity and decelerating and shrinking ecology, forum as such, plays a vibrant role in amalgamating ideas to counter the consequences of our unlimited greed posed over the limited mother nature. It was also an era of opportunity for the intellectuals to draw the meaning of our existence and question the sustenance of our survival at the time when Anthropocene is witnessed as the era of challenge universally.
As one of the presenters during the conference, it was an electrifying honor for me to present in the attendance of the experts and the elites. Such privilege which is occasional and priceless, not only exposed me to the world of academics and research constructions, but also facilitated a professional growth in me by having an access to network with the scholars around. After toiling with abundant sacrifices to shape my research paper into a scholarly form, getting a chance to present in the caliber of such conference rekindled my enthusiasm with a renewed motivation which would only bolster to pursue further.
For making this dream possible, I would like to thank Mr. Tshering Wangdi, the President of the Sherubtse College and the Geography Department for conceiving and hosting the conference. Also thanks to Mr. Pema Dorji, the Chief District Education Officer of Wangdue district and Mr. Shankar Lal Dahal, Principal of Bajothang Higher Secondary School for granting me leave. My gratitude also extends to Mr. Ugyen Penjor, Bhutan Power Corporation, Mr. Pema Wangdi, Lecturer, Sherubtse College, Mr. Tashi Rabten, Teacher, Tashigang Pam CPS, and Mr. Tawai Tshering for the hospitality. 

Acceptance Letter from the Organizing Committee
Certificate of participation

Abstract of my manuscript

President of the Sherubtse College welcoming the participants
The presentation slide

 “We’re living in the Anthropocene age and now human beings will be the shapers of our future, that totally control the overall functions of not just our plant, but our relationship with other planets”

Vandana Shiva

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