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Monday, July 17, 2017

Of Superstitions and Faiths

That ‘excessive credulous belief in considering something is true or will occur’ and a ‘belief in devotion or trust’ exists across the globe. But for all those cultural credulity and belief, a very transparent line of variations subsists in a sense that all are irrationally rational.
However, some ‘irrational beliefs’ as one may call are sometimes genetic and territorial in nature. So, what one belief firmly may sound ridiculous to the other, which in turn qualifies to be a substance enough to ignite a tsunami of laughter.
Late recently, a lady from Shillong chortled after the valediction of the International Conference we attended together at Sherubtse College when I said, “May you have rebirth in my country” in response to her recurrent would-be-missing-the-tranquility-and-serenity of my country avowal.  
Wheel of life in Buddhism.                           
As much as it sounded derisive for my spiritual belief by this lady from the ‘Scotland of the East’, factually, rebirth doctrine is one instrumental string of belief that helms one’s faith in Buddhism. Buddhists in general have this ancient and historical belief in blood that virtuous and pious deeds during our current existence will result in a swift rebirth, better than the present human realm due to one’s karmic action. We belief in that ‘environmental result’ where the present wealthy and the prosperous are the desired outcomes of relinquishing the material possessions in their previous life and have therefore offered to others in need. The poor and unhealthy at present are simply the otherwise.
In the same vein, most of the beliefs in Buddhism are mostly intertwined with logical extractions. Dreams that are grotesquely odd and mysterious are often considered a bad omen or premonitions, thus demanding suitable spiritual interventions to pacify it. Days and dates in the lunar calendar are programmed with the astrological interpretations of being auspicious and promising or inauspicious and ominous. The choice of color of the new car, wedding dates and roofing the newly constructed structures to name the few, are never free of such transcendent interpretations. That ‘spiritual connectivity’ allowing us to show reverence to the nature as life bearing identity grounds our belief to further ennoble it.   
These age-old beliefs and interpretations have withstood the storm of globalization. So for me, as long as that psychological and psychosomatic well being is taken care of, the beliefs embedded with the principles of Buddhism shall never shrink from the amulet of my mind.
“Superstition is the religion of feeble minds”           Edmund Burke

1 comment:

  1. I read this wonderful post, I was powerfully struck by the similarities between your beliefs and my own (as a Pagan Druid).
    There is a very thin line between belief systems and irrational superstition...I know that from personal experience. I have often made offerings to the Old Gods when transitioning difficult periods in my life, and indeed, have at those times become very superstitious.
    None have made any difference, however...for Karma is, I am totally convinced, the basis of every life experience.

    Thank you so much for yet another illuminating post, my friend!

    Have a great weekend.:))



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