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Friday, July 28, 2017

Effective Communication

Communication is one central human phenomenon that takes place daily in our life. We communicate to exchange our thoughts and ideas with the purpose of transmitting information.
But how successful we are in transferring the message across to the audience would be gauged by how capable we are in communicating effectively.
Having the right skill on how best one can explain their ideas and thoughts while making others understand can make a sea of differences in synchronizing workflow in the system, deciphering problems, making wise decisions, building positive rapports, and decorating one’s career besides creating a civilized society. This merits the fact that effective communication is also a process that involves hearing what isn’t being said.    
For teachers, effective communication is more so important than any other life skills. How they architect the future of our generations and engineer the construction of knowledge in the otherwise misconstrued compartment of a child’s neuron, largely rests on the pivot of effective communication.
A highly proficient and competent teacher never fails to calculate listening, reading and writing as other major elements of the effective communication equation. But more than these things, body language takes a lion's share in being an effective communication constituent. The transferal of knowledge, skills and values are only productive when all these components function as one system of effective communication.
The recent professional development course entitled “English for Effective Communication Training” by the Ministry of Education for the teachers throughout the nation only warrants with such significant magnificence. Such professional crusade can at best, inspire the educators to be more reflective in teaching while at least, can assist them to grow some characteristics of an effective communicator. 
 “… You cannot tell children to be strong if you are not strong yourself. If you don’t know anything about the subject you are teaching how much of it are you going to give to your students, you cannot give what you do not have…”
– His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck


  1. And don't forget body language. It tells us a lot about how our message is received. And our own body language contributes as well.

    1. Yes, body language is the major part in effective communication. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I think we are too dependent on centrally initiated PD programs Dumcho. A fundamental quality as having good communication skill should be self initiated, self driven activity for teachers. That said I don't mean to undermine the MoE's effort. Perhaps the workshop will trigger teachers to be self learners and rely on independent PD. Just a plane view. Kind Regards. Tshewang.

    1. I agree that such quality has to come naturally within oneself. But given the fact of limited exposure and complacent nature of many of us, we are still reliant on such governmental undertakings. This is pitiful but also one method that can engage all our teachers.
      Thank you for the comment.

    2. How is it going Dumcho? I see you being research-active? I encourage you to continue engaging in research.

    3. Sir,
      Being a novice into such academic proceedings, it is challenging to be active. Yet, I have promised to keep continue.
      As much as you have observed me, I did the same for you. It was inspiring to see your papers getting published. Hope you continue doing it.

  3. Yeah, I am passionate about improving my professional knowledge, skills and practices by engaging in research. I believe in Research Informed Teaching (RIT) to facilitate student learning. I encourage you to engage in research for your PD. In the meanwhile dont forget to encourage colleagues in your school to also carry out research. Share ideas both on research method and your research findings. Be an agent of building a sound researc culture in your school. All the best.



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