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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Love that stings

Hi dear, you are one month old
After you have left me
To an another part of the world
Where I am not able to see
We are far, but not by heart
Our Love’s still alive and growing
More livelier like an old famous art
Of any extraordinary human being
When each night falls,
I know it’s time that calls
To infuse in me those breathing strings of pain,
And fatigue my cardiac muscles with sprain
Often I hear: Absence makes heart grow fonder
And these lyrics sometimes make me wonder
Because everything I’ve seems to have lost
Including YOU at its worst
     When there's nothing at your disposal                        Photo courtesy: Click the link
Sometimes, I really wish you be near
To feel the bleeding drops of love from your dear
Because the thrust of this agony is unable to bear
And aches my heart which sometimes may tear
You are my angel, a hope and spirit
Everything of me is in your credit
The world to me in your absence is all emptiness
Nothing alive, all dead, a real mess
When you are gone and been apart
Right from the moment when time made us depart
Everything you said and made me say
I remember every scrap even to this day
Now, nothing I can say and do
Other than saying I LOVE YOU
And will be loving you forever
Let anything happen, good or bad, whatsoever
“Your absence has grown through me like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color” - W.S. Merwin


  1. Her absence has indeed brought out your dormant poetic abilities. Lovely poem sir. May this poem reach her!

  2. Thank you Sherab sir for the comments. I was trying to take weave some fantasy about love, the aching disease that many people suffer.

  3. Oh wow...this really tugs at the heart strings.
    If only love could be free of the deep pain that is all too often a part of it...perhaps someday...

  4. Thank you Ms. Ygraine for the visit. I am encouraged when an influential bloggers like you visit and drop the comments. Thank you for visiting.

  5. Thank you Mr. Tshewang. Hope you are doing great.



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