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Thursday, March 13, 2014

When is ILLNESS not the King?

Dear Illness,

Do you remember that for how many years did we archive our promise?
The promise that you will never invade my body and experiment the strength of its immune system. The promise that I will labor with the physicians and follow the footsteps of their advice to keep myself free from your visits.  
But there wasn’t any time in records that I have been free of your dust even if I was breathing inside the bottle of a strict medical directive. In many of my worst moments, I can recall myself choking with the smoke of your nasty interference. Since then, I started to hate my life because you happened to be one organ of it.
Even at the time of writing this note, I am bearing the brunt of four different pains. Had my body been a guitar, it would probably have produced the world’s lamentable sound by using the four strings of these worst pains.
So, my dear Illness, what more do you want from me?
The fact that you annex my body recurrently makes me to believe that you have seen me as a promising human bank to invest the hard currency of any illness. There wasn’t any year that you missed to visit the bank of my health and deposit your recurrent amount of illness.  
Waiting to hear seemingly the new illness this time again
After you have conquered the main powerhouse of my stomach using Helicobacter pylori some years ago, I stopped taking proteins and carbonated drinks because doctors reminded me that they were your best enemies. Not to mention about alcoholic beverages, even drinking a cup of tea has been a forgotten story thereafter. They said there is a legendary history that you get so infuriated when a person knowingly takes these substances. I heard of the worst territorial violence you initiate due to the intrusion of such materials.
At the same time, those clinicians reminded me not to forget taking the right amount of balanced diet to escape from the gravity of your attack again. I did it for years now yet, you are never hesitant to raid on me.  
I don’t remember I learned history of any king, powerful and dominant though, to have demanded the whole lists of Dos and Don’ts like you. At times, when you just insult my health repeatedly, I feel like you are coming to say: When is ILLNESS not the King? 

“Illness is the doctor to whom we pay most heed; to kindness, to knowledge, we make promise only; pain we obey” Marcel Proust


  1. Illness really is King! Get well soon sir...

  2. Thank you sir Tshewang for the wishes. Hope things will turn better soon.

  3. My prayers for your quick recovery sirji. God be with you!

  4. I know God is always with me but I need Him very much this time. Thank you Sherab sir for your prayers too.

  5. Thank you Madam Rima and Mr.Sangay. Having known to people like you all keeps me moving. I find reason in my writing because there are few special people for me who always read my feelings. Thank you all.

  6. Get well soon. Eat on time, drink lots of liquid, sleep well sir.

  7. Saacha sir, Thank you for the brotherly advice. I am doing the things you have mentioned.

  8. Oh I do hope you get well soon.
    I can fully sympathize...being a victim of irritable bowel syndrome myself, I understand how frustrating it can be when you follow all the eating rules etc...and you STILL have an attack!
    Yes...illness does indeed seem to be king!

  9. Thank you Ms. Ygraine. This is truly a frustrating thing about the illness. Needless to say about not taking right kind of food in right amount at right time, illness still appears even if I maintain a strict dietary habits. I think I have to leave this earth before some chain smokers or alcoholics.
    Hope, you also do take care and my prayers are there for you too. Thank you for your wonderful time. I am happy that at least there are few people who read about my toothless scribblings.

  10. A good piece... Oh! Sorry I've forgotten to get you on literal ground... The disease "HELICOPTER" in your tummy must finally find a suitable HELIPAD...

  11. Haha..There's no room to accept your fun here bro. I had been seriously sustaining the pain for so many years now. Anyways, thank you for the visit. Keep adding on your page. Seems like you have almost abandoned. Good luck.

  12. I hope you are all right by now. And it's very important that you having a good health in a foreign soil. Get well soon!

  13. I am now almost to the normal after taking the prescribed drugs. Thank you sir Riku

  14. Oh I hope you are feeling better soon! I recognize the feelings behind this post...chronic migraines have me taking more and more medicine and avoiding all the food and drink I love and staying away from the sun (which makes me even sicker)! Life is definitely ruled by illness, and life's too short, it shouldn't be this way!

  15. Thank you miss Grace for your concerns about me. I am extremely honored and happy that many people from all walks of life and from different places cared me more than anybody else. Thank you all for being near when I am seriously in need. God bless you too.
    Please visit again. Your comments are highly solicited.



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