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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Every End has a Beginning

Like the great Roman philosopher Seneca declared, Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end”, the last page of 2014 that began from the end of 2013 will surrender its life by today. This day will never return in the history of mankind since it is foreordained to birth 2015.
And so amusingly, the last day of every year is the only season of human mood that breeds the pinnacle of goodwill wishes for the CHANGE. Regardless of the race, religion, gender or colour, people across the globe runs on a graph with a variable of almost similar feelings on this particular day.
This is one moment where all of us, either to oneself or to other, cherish the dead memories, erase the painful or promise for a fresh beginning. For a serious life-leaders, this day is virtually an oath taking time to write a series of promises into the bible of their resolution.

For some, it is the day to submit their courage and determination to never give in without touching the finish line of success in every endeavor. To the awakenings, this is the period to leave and escape from the cocoon of thinking yesterday and rather reschedule and fine-tune the timetable of their mind to the tariff of tomorrow.
All in all, it is the peak season for many of us in redesigning the mindset of our plans, hopes, character and attitude. The footstep of the last day of every year is thus, a siren of reminder for us to reflect, realize and illuminate to a better human being than the one we lived yesterday.
Wishing all the readers a wish fulfilling HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015. May the Almighty bless the world with the sun of peace and prosperity.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." — Albert Einstein”  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Yuletide Origin

For many years, I was munching with a belief that Xmas day was a time-honored festivity for the genuine followers of the Jesus Christ. However, literature has it that it isn’t largely religious biased and therefore, its celebration penetrates across any religion and does not necessarily restrict for the Christians.
December 25th is a very special moment for the Christians because it is believed that the awaited Messiah of the Old Testament, the Jesus Christ, was gifted to the world. Since then, it has become a traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Christians have a strong conviction that the Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of his mother Mary, who later gave birth while she was still a virgin. And more to add on his “unique significance”, Jesus is revered for manifesting myriads of miracles and later sacrificed to achieve atonement after painful crucifixion.
"Happy Merry Christmas"
This day is a synonym to love, joy, happiness, merrymaking or any adjectives available in the human invented dictionary. It is a day to bring far closer, heal wounded, befriend enemies and of course augment joy and peace to already joyful and peaceful earth.
In America and places dominated with Christian populace, they wish by marrying ‘Merry’ with the ‘Christmas’ as ‘Merry Christmas”. However, literature has it that in England, “Happy Christmas” is still popular after it was used by the Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The reasons for the usage of these words largely shares a history and biblical connections that I am handicapped to explain.
But like the Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet say:
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

With this note, I wish everyone a “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year”. 
“Christmas, my child, is love in action”- Dale Evans Rogers 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tele-cocooning Effect

Not only has it changed the mode of communication after its invention, mobile phones have transmuted in length and breadth, the manner in which people behave and act. And aptly, in this 21st century where the gear of our life is constantly driven by the hands of the technology, mobile phones have practically appeared to be one of the vital organs that sustain our life. Be it for good or bad, it is one entity that compels every one of us to earmark in our priority list as a necessity and inevitability.  
Thanks to Martin Cooper who unveiled the first ever prototype of handheld mobile in 1973. Life has rather been easy thereafter. Communication has been swift and speedy. People afar are bridged to bring it much closer. And not to mention, in the places where there is good network receptivity, it is a synonym to a walking dictionary. Through that small window of its monitor, we can access the larger part of the whole world.
"A Node Glows in the Dark" by Brian Yen, who won the 2014 National Geographic's Annual Photography Contest will receive $10,000 and a trip to Magazine's headquarter in Washington D.C.  
Nevertheless, according to the tune of the changing times, the use of mobile phones have also made a parallel paradigm shift.
People have been prone to a habit of crafting a world of make-believe. That a person who holds a mobile phone near the auricle, today, is a sign of being engaged or busy. Whether one has a work to do with the help of a mobile phone or not, even in the genuine gathering, it has to be cuddled from various angles to escape that entire length of time. In the process, the social circumference that is expected to enlarge, is often jeopardized to minimize and shrink. To pronounce this phenomenon, the researchers based in the U.S by the names Scott Campbell and Nojin Kwak terms it as the “Tele-cocooning” effect. Because of this occurrence, they fear that the habitual cell phone users are less likely to talk with the strangers in any kind of social setting thereby risking the interpersonal interactions to be useless and redundant. With the number of mobile users swelling even in our country, the marathon of this trend is possible and unavoidable.
But as asserted in the study, “The technology itself is not good or bad. It is how it’s used and who it’s used with.”
“Communication- the human connection- is the key to personal and career success” – Paul J. Meyer

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The F & F Equation

I always thought that the ‘Friends and Family’ are the two wings that determine the flight of our psychosomatic balance. And for so many reasons based on my personal knowledge, I considered that the existence of the duo within the circumference of our life are dependent on the temperament of one another. In fact, their symbiotic relation is such that, without both, our life stands to be blurred and unsteady. To this special link, I refer it as “F & F Equation”.
As much as the family is important to us, so are friends. But as one begins to have our own family, it is like putting an end to the journey of our friendship.
Picture courtesy: Click LINK 
8 years back during my teaching practice at Samtse, I remember one of the lady teacher sharing me her experiences of losing friends after the marriage. I was often praised that time for surfacing a top notch and convivial friendship with my friends. But what was there in the store of our fate is only lately known.
Like hers, the once used-to-be tied knot of my friendship gradually got slackened and with a few it has withered almost completely. Corrosion seems to have taken place developing some friction in our conversational acceptance. And that longtime ritual of saying “Yes” to the things that one can perform has now turned to a fantasy.    
While family is one thing that deserves a lion’s share of our attention, the friends are another that should obtain some equal dividends too. Even with one’s strong family, I believe, we will still need friends, either high or low. Nothing is as hard and painful than the ache we grieve due to the suspense in our friendship. And it is even more painful when it happens strangely without understanding any concrete reasons.
When friends start moving apart without any reliable rationales, it gives a durable emotional catastrophic kick that keeps on hunting one’s mind to quest for an explanation. That gradually sets the limit in befriending with others as well, because if friends are at the end, there to break our emotions.
But in case of my friends who already have family, I understand that when family starts, there is a reduction in the size of one’s free time. There will be a paradigm shift in prioritizing ‘what-to-do’ and therefore, so many lists has to be managed within the perimeter of one’s clock.
However, it is never a bad idea to say sincere and polite “NO” to our friends for the things that we cannot execute than suspending the response. Sometimes, trying to adjust the rider of the F & F Equation would be worth doing in investing credibility of an acquaintance.    

“The worst solitude is to be the destitute of sincere friendship” – Francis Bacon 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Z is for Zillionaire’s Wife

I saw a young lady with her two sons between me
And a huge man who was sipping an ice lemon tea,
The ignorant youngest was occupied eating a pea
While the eldest begging, pointing at his injured knee
Their shy mother was searching for a spot to flee
Because the begging trumpet drew the crowd to see
All at once, they came humming like a bee.
A drunken then whined: “Such an outcry from this wee!
“Shut your lips or else I shall in your mouth, pee?”
The crowd burst into a sneering laughter with a deceitful glee.
Which I hated this drama, full of scornful adult whee
So I rested mute and still, like a calm evening sea.
But the child, holding my leg started chanting his plea
His scared mother was then, I found, restless as flea
And I overheard, “Son, please don’t beg him for a fee,
Listen, your mama will find for you, please agree”
A confused child rather cried, “No, I want to go to a jamboree”
This bothered me to find out what troubles these three
And my pained heart became their problem’s abductee.
Then I heard, “Take our boys where they used to be”
“I will sent him to jamboree, for now take this key”
Shocked! It was the drunken, dropping it on the floor, free
The shy lady collects with her timid hand soiled with ghee   
And puts in her pink bag, assuming it was seen by nobody
A man behind me murmurs, “Why does she face such cruelty?
“Although she is still at teens, elegant and cutey?”
But one cried, “She is but a zillionaire’s newbie,
Trapped into his wealth and status that was all dewy,
Life as such may not have been dreamt or didn’t foresee
From such a powerful money producing honeybee”
I learnt, wealth is not everything for you, me, they or we
But I know moneyed will still to a certain degree
Say the otherwise and disagree.  
“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”- Jim Elliot 


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