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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flight, Fight or Freeze

Seriously after I was inadvertently submerged under a deep sea of academic dormancy with zero degree of progress in my work these days, I am succumbed to a more severe condition than the fight or flight response. I am made to freeze.  
The flight or fight response, otherwise called as “acute stress response” was first coined by Walter Cannon to describe a physiological situation where animals react in response to a perceived environmental stress such as danger or threat. For instance, when we see a snake slithering in front of us, we either fight by arming ourselves with some sticks on our hand or flight by fleeing off the scene. Scientifically this phenomenon is accepted as a first approach of a general adaptation for survival by initiating a spontaneous or intuitive behaviors that are largely associated to escape (flight) or combat (fight). Such natural responses during an emergency are triggered due to the release of hormones namely adrenaline and norepinephrine by the adrenal glands.
So it is due to these biological mechanisms that the humanity has survived the test of a myriad of stressful life affairs. However, modern stressors are even more painful because it is basically psychological and chronically inevitable. In the modern times, flight or fight response is triggered due to an academic pressure, career stress, professional workload, financial difficulties, annoying society or difficult relationships. At such circumstances, flight or fight response is always a victim because we cannot resolve either by running away or fighting it.
Having said this, I am already trapped inside the womb of an academic oriented hurdles. By no means, I refer this as a stress due to the toughness or difficulty of the course I am undergoing at the moment because the courses that amounted to a total of 25 credits were already wrapped with a significantly good grades.
Nevertheless, this is a gestation period for my thesis. Although the fetus (draft) was born by now, a lot of professional caress and massages are required to bring this toothless toddler into a putative shape. The single handed repair and attention from my side alone is not sufficient to raise to a standard quality. I need to have a constant warm up from my professional pundits I am associated with as well, for which, I am deficit of as of now. At the moment, it has been more than a month that my thesis draft has peacefully snoozed in the cradle of my academic sage. Under such prevalence, flight is one thing that I can’t do and fight is another that I never should think of. The only possibility is to freeze myself, cold and dead.

“I would disagree with fight or flight that leaves no room for compromise and understanding”- Ron Marz


  1. Hi sir, I know you have already been nominated for the inspiring blog award but I have also nominated you for the same.

  2. sir,,,never freeze just react,,,hope things are going to be well..god bless you..

  3. Yes...I gave up on fight or flight long ago, preferring the middle ground of compromise...unfortunately some others still disagree.
    Do hope things are going much better for you.
    You are always in my thoughts...:)

  4. Damcho sir, seems you are undergoing through tremendous academic pressure. But never forget that your hard work will be rewarded on one fine day. All the best sir.

  5. Damcho I am glad to nominated for the inspiring blogger award. Check my blog.

  6. My reaction depends and sometimes there are phases. I'd want to claim fight all the time but sometimes my fear gets the better of me though.

  7. I've done the "screw up royally" thing quite a few times. I wish you the best with your academic studies.

  8. Hi Dumcho,

    My reaction depends upon the situation. :)

  9. hope your studies goes well, and yeah i've screwed up a few times too but i find life just fixes itself regardless!

  10. Getting screwed up is a part and parcel of life, and one learn's from such phases. You have very well used the words in your blog post and connected with your study phase. This is an interesting time pass read. Cool Dude! cheers!



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