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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The January Atrophy

Late recently on the wall of my Facebook page, I inscribed the phrase:
When I found the ANSWER to life, God has changed the QUESTION (Could not trace the source).
And no sooner did I escape to click on other sites, a friend of mine commented: “When did you get back from hibernation?”
Well, physically I was as good as undergoing hibernation after I have completely submerged to a house arrest due to the academic frustrations, making myself almost invisible and sporadic. But mentally, I had to battle in adjusting the pH of my temperament and emotional sentiments thereby actively remaining engaged in diaspora of mental conflicts.
There is nothing serious and injurious that I am talking about my health. It is just that my plans got into a bad shape. The academic roadmap sketched for the month of January has severely failed to drift in line with the current of the proposed blueprint. Due to this mechanical miscarriage of my plan, almost every activity that has to follow suit has frozen. These days of January has never treated me well and really made my mind stagnant, weakened the muscle of my hard work and decayed the cells of vigor in me.
The weather of my mood has been woeful. My mind was sinking in the sea of desperation. Consequently I suffered a fatigue of being optimistic and the confidence to seek good things were densely clouded. The temperature of being enthusiastic in learning dropped beyond compare. I discovered myself drowned on the bed gazing on the entire sky of the ceiling, day and night.   
These days of waste has though, its own share of message to learn. Sometimes it is not wise to belief that raindrops and sunlight necessarily can form a rainbow. Good plans necessarily does not guarantee a good result. The plans are simply like our shadows. They work only when there is light. Once we get into the darkness, like the shadow that never follow us, our plans never fly on the same runway unless it has the right enabling conditions.
“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger”- Unknown


  1. You have given me so much "food for thought" again, Dumcho!
    It is strange how our struggles and obstacles in life can only in retrospect be seen as life's lessons to help us grow...whereas at the time, they seemed like utter devastation.
    Even knowing the truth of this, I do still fall victim to dark moods when things go wrong. I guess we all do.
    I really hate to think of you suffering like this, my dear Friend...but I know exactly how you feel. It will pass...I know it will. And until then, I am always here and ready to listen...:)

    Wishing you a Good Weekend :)

  2. Be strong Dumcho! We all go through good and bad in life and have same feeling like yours at some moments. But it shall pass. Be positive and hopefully thing will get better for you soon. Take care my friend! May Buddha bless you always!

  3. It seems that you are under the pressure of academic. Keep going until you catches the northern star which will make you to sparkle in the society you live. I know you an ability to capture your dreams and aspirations. All the best Damcho Sir.

  4. Although it is difficult to be thankful while you're in pain, I believe that too. It is in this suffering that you become stronger and better. :)

  5. You reminded Napoleon Hill's most inspiring quote: "Every adversity, every failure, carries it with the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." True Sir, life is clothed in unspoken ups and unknown downs but as long as one lives with optimism and enthusiasm, those downs can do nothing instead will bring you more fortune, if seen through most critical angle. I know you can do it Sir. Wishes from me as you head ahead to clear your path. Hope all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do great. Take care. :)

  6. I agree with SuperLux, Dumcho. I really think we learn from the hardships and struggles we go through and we can use what we have learned to help others, too. Great post, thanks so much for sharing.



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