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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Fever of “Very Inspiring Blog” Award

It is certainly uncertain whether I am eligible and qualified to be nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blog Award”. But the storm of that so-called Rosenthal Effect (positive expectations begets positive performances) has already taken place due to the fever of this appreciation. This breeze of inspiration to my amateur blog from a versatile blogger and prolific writer further sets me to an uphill task of blogging better. Thanks to Ananya. Had I been given a chance to offer this award, you would have certainly made into the list.  
Ananya blogs at She is a qualified engineer by qualification and Assistant Professor by profession. Currently established in Seattle in the U.S, she is an Indian by origin. I would not detail much about her because with the link above, readers are now just a click away.
Well, as stated in the rule of this award, let me say 7 points about me.
1. Profession
I am a Physics teacher based in Kabesa Middle Secondary School under Punakha district in Bhutan. Currently, I am pursuing my postgraduate studies in Mahidol University, Thailand.   
2. Personality
Characteristically straight forward and sharp tongue. People who don’t know me in-depth considers me rude and walled in. Stubborn when I have justified facts and reasons to fight. Ambitious and determined that I don’t give up to reach my goal.  
3. Positive attributes
Resourceful, observant, dynamic, talkative, humorous, vigilant, hardworking but not intelligent. I know everything of something but nothing of anything else.
4. Proven Weaknesses
I am very short tempered, emotional, secretive, possessive, vindictive and independent (prefer to live my own way).
5. Proliferating Social Circle
I have a large circle of friends, from low to high. To all I am still the same. For friends who help me during the times of need, I always stand for them. But for people who stab me without any realistic reasons based on power, wealth or status, sometimes it makes hard for me to forget and forgive unless those reasons are inevitable, natural or lawfully authorized. ‘Strangers are, but unmet friends’ to me (read this statement from one of the blog).   
6. Prime Work Ethics
I always prefer to do same work differently from others. Originality is always given the priority and simple spellings and grammatical errors (to the best of my knowledge) are never out of my eagle’s eye. I complete my work before the deadline.   
7. Personal Life
Life is never always the same for all. I don’t complain for not having what others have and don’t show off for what I have. I believe that information is power, so I always keep tab on current affairs. I read books based on true stories and replicate those lessons into the life of my students.  
The 15 bloggers nominated for this award are: 
6. Sonam Tenzin at /
10. Ugyen Tenzin at
11. Tashi Wangmo at
14. Norbu Wangdi at
For those of you who have been nominated, please follow the rules of this award as listed below: 
1. Display the Award on your Blog....
2. Notify back to the Blogger who nominated you....
3. Say 7 points about you.
4. Nominate 15 Bloggers for the award, link them and inform them about the nominations.
“Inspiration exists but it has to find you working” Pablo Picasso 


  1. Thank you Damcho sir for the award~ I am committed to continue the rules~ Thank you la~

  2. Dear Dumcho,

    I am flattered and I thank you for considering my blog for an award. I must say that I don't participate in awards, though, as I consider my dear readers, followers and kind commenters to be award enough for me. I hope you understand, but I thank you. God bless you. :)

  3. Thank you for the nomination Dumcho... this is very sweet of you:-) ..I liked learning more about you, it's great that you live on your own terms and you are so honest. Forgiveness is more for us then the person we are forgiving... it frees us ;-) .. Have a great week ;-)

  4. Token of gratitude for nominating me sir.

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination and so glad to learn more about you. As a teacher myself, I always applied the Rosenthal Effect for my students. You say you are hardworking but not intelligent. I'm sure being a physics teacher requires a lot of intelligence.

  6. Thank you, dear sir. How sweet of you to nominate me! I do appreciate it.

    Interesting facts about you. I didn't realize you were from Bhutan. I'm an amateur radio operator, and some friends of mine visited your country a few years back on an amateur radio expedition. (We call them DX-peditions.) The things he told me about your country (and its people) made me fall in love with it.

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination, Dumcho...I really do feel so honoured. However, I don't feel able to accept this, as I couldn't possibly choose just 15 other bloggers to nominate. All those wonderful blogs I regularly read - oh it would be so unfair to leave ANY of them out!
    Oh I so hope you won't be offended...:/

    It is great to learn more about you though. Saying what you really think is a good way to be: straight-talking is always preferable to saying one thing and meaning never change who you are. You are a really great person.:)

  8. Thank you, Dumcho for the award, I am honoured that you passed the award to me. Congratulations on your award. Nice getting to know more about you. Feel bad about my delay in thanking you, but I was swamped with my students' assignments and my own writing.



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