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Sunday, March 22, 2015

An Open Secret

The report in The Telegraph and The Guardian has it that the longest-held US prisoner was granted a clearance after finding him wrongly imprisoned. A man who was wrongfully convicted for slaying a businessman had almost served a sentence for circa four decades. He is now entitled for a compensation of about $1m.
Such incident which was painfully secret for almost 39 years when suddenly opened to the social media ignited with tsunami of criticisms beyond measure.
But for me, I dint have the nerve to criticize nor intentions to do either. However after careful scrutiny about this wrongful convict, I remembered one of the most hostile moments of my school life.
This secret of mine is opened here in my blog with no intentions of damage or impairment or whatsoever in any case. So reader’s discretion is absolutely necessary.
It was back then in 2000, more than a decade ago when I was in grade nine that the head of my school almost dismissed me from the school on a similar incident: a wrongful conviction. One of the student representative (commonly known as captain) had already drafted a memo against the head to be dispatched for our higher authorities. Since I had a legible calligraphy, I was asked to write for him. Moreover the captains at those times even held a powerful status like that of Charlemagne of Western Europe or Genjis Khan of Mongol Empire. So in the hope to escape from an uninvited bullying and victimization, I wrote for him. But unfortunately, the letter was already reached to the office of the principal by some other students. That so-called school trusted representative has fled the school one fateful night. I was interrogated for almost two days. Having done nothing other than just writing it, I justified that it was not my plan but to no avail. I was dismissed from the school.
But that evening, as I was about to leave the school, I met my class teacher who was an Indian national. He took me to the office and after an hour long justification by him, I was allowed to continue my stay in the school.
The days thereafter was a living hell for me. Since my classroom was located in the ground floor of the office, every time the principal would be turning the pivot of her eagle’s eye to detect me. Fearing such humiliations for no reason, I would not even visit the toilet during the recess time. But that cruel hour ended after few months when the principal left abroad for the studies. That brought a lot of joy in my mind since I thought it would allow me to erect and held my head high. But that was just an assumption. The newly arrived vice principal was already infused with those stories and his prejudice was so strong and even distasteful and suffocating. Even by scoring 83 marks out of 100 in Economics, the subject he taught us and that happened to be the highest amongst all was not adequate to win his heart. My living at that point was utterly doomed.
Few years later, I escaped from the clutch of their cruel humiliating treatment. I even met that school representative 5 years later while I was participating in the local sports tournament. These people are never to be forgotten for they gave me lifelong lessons that I shall never forget.
Getting wrongly convict for doing nothing is not only painful but we start to humiliate our own life. Suicide was one solution where I even tried to seek solace and escape that living hell.
“The killing of innocent people are always wrong”- Unknown


  1. Dumcho... I think it's terrible that you had to deal with the reprecussions of what someone else did while you were totally innocent.

    You came through I'm happy to see...;-)

  2. I would go further and say that killing people is (almost) always wrong. The innocent certainly, and the guilty cannot be rehabilitated after death.
    I am so glad you survived that dreadful ordeal - and triumphed.

  3. Oh Dumcho...I had no idea you have suffered like this. That was an unforgivable miscarriage of justice. If there is one thing that I feel extremely strongly about, it is injustice...oh I am filled with belated anger on your behalf!
    Still, your present success has seen you triumph...and I am celebrating that!! :)



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